Questions on Tuning Plate height

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  1. I am planning a horizontal offset smoker with tuning plates, approximately 70" long by 24" in Diameter(2-55g drums end to end).  How much gap do you need underneath the tuning plates? 

    If I was to go with a Reverse Flow style instead of tuning plates how big should that duct be?  Is there a calculation for that?
  2. I was hoping to read some good responses to your question. I am installing tuning plates in my offset smoker also. Left unguided, I will be installing them just an inch or so above the level of the top of the opening between the firebox and the cooking chamber.
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    :yeahthat: Tuning plates are installed above the opening of the FB/CC..... side to side to seal in the heat and smoke... then they are spaced as to allow for heat/smoke to rise to the food/grate level... and continue under the rest of the plates to the end of the smoker where the exhaust is located.... spacing regulates the heat at the food grate.... the exhaust stack is usually placed near the top of the CC.... lowering it into the food zone doesn't do much if anything at all for improved performance... they are usually 1/4" thick material for thermal mass....

    If you are thinking about a Reverse Flow Smoker... below is a calculation sheet with just about everything you need to know....

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