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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by ralphbrown05, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. hey peeps, ive got a food grade 55 drum for 10 bucks today, but im having trouble finding a fire box... the guy i got the drum from has a ton of 20 gallon propane tanks like you would use for a gas grill... would that be sufficient enough for a side mount smoker?
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    are you going to make a uds?
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    I would recommend making a uds

  4. ive thought about a uds, but i plan on doing a whole hog (about a 30-40 pounder) come february/march... is it possible to do a whole hog in a uds?  and what kind of plans would be best, to where i can utilize the most cooking space... but to answer your question, i was planning on doing an off set smoker...
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    i would do something like this if you are set on making a 55 gallon drum smoker


    I have made drum grills but not smokers... They dont hold the heat... the drum grill is for hot fast cooking



    I did this for whole hog


    just to give you some ideas

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    Holy cow!  I bow to the master [​IMG]  and love the photos.  Great work, and I would love to see the double barrel build if it moves forward. I bet a whole hog would fit.
  7. I built one out a 2 55 gal drums and cut one drum in half and used that for the firebox, some would say that it wouldn't last but i gave it to my uncle about 5 years ago and he still uses it today, i cut the bottom of the fire box and put a clean out slide in the bottom so you can dump the ashes it was built out of 1/4" plate.  the only down side the paint wont stay on it but you can just keep a can of high temp close and spray when you are done smokin'. 

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