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  1. Hey fellas, I joined here a while ago, all fired up to build (my first) reverse flow smoker out of a small 100# propane bottle. Well life get's in the way of some of the fun things and I finally have started. I have a few basic questions, in no particular order. I'll put one question per post for (my) clarity. I see a lot of abbreviations that I dont understand.

    There is only about 14.5" inside the small hundred pounder, I read here that 4" off the bottom is a good height for the smoke shifter (reverser) I assume this should have a slight "uphill" to the end where it turns back to pass over your meat.

    I won't be offended by simple y/n answers, thanks.:grilling_smilie:
  2. Wow how time fly's. Joined, and have been wanting to build this since 6/12! To follow my above question in trying to lay out my limited space,

    Are multiple shelves or racks desireable and can I squeeze them in to this small space? The pan of juice thing that I read about here really sounds yummy!

  3. This was my first idea. I have since decided to take that tank end that's on top and move it down to the vertical tank and weld it on the left side, cut the face off and weld on a plate for the f/b door. If you haven't gussed allready, the f/b will be in the vertical tank, and the c/c will be the horiz one. I have been to the calculator for sizing things. There will be a proper size pipe inside connecting the fire box to the left side of the c/c.

    I know its a little out of the ordinary, but's that's just me. I'm concerned about the wall thickness of the tank for the f/b, and am thinking about either an inside layer of steel or some thin fire brick inside with maybe some sand in the bottom.

    See anything real stupid?
  4. Another one, 

    Is the object here to keep the heat from the firebox away from the c/c, and let the heat from the smoke do your cooking?
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    The reverse flow is mostly used  to heat the plate and let the smoke wrap around to season the meat. So, the answer is no and yes. The firebox end will be hotter than the other end, if it breathes correctly the difference is minimized. I hope you can understand what I mean, having the firebox inset somewhat into the CC transfers more heat so you need to move air to keep from getting too much of a hot spot. There are ways to mitigate that effect but it is best to stick to the plans and only add an extra baffle if it is needed after getting used to how it runs.

    Hope this helps

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  7. Thanks AL, It does help. I was concerned that it might be hot at the one end (with my goofy design) and wondered if I could insulate or vent it to avoid a hot side. I'm not trying to re invent the wheel here, but I enjoy metal working and to me, building it is half the fun. Just trying to put a little "spin" on the traditional smoker while staying in the boundry's of the proven smoker "design rules". 

     The "plate" you mention is the lowest plate that moves the smoke across the chamber right? Should this have a slight upward pitch? Does this plate also functions as a drippings catch ?
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    You can put a heat shield on the RF plate to diffuse heat and reduce the hot spot....

  9. Thanks Dave, I saw this last night but didn't get the abreviations. So it looks like you are very concerned with expansion. 6 spacers with 2 bolts through oversized holes. I would not have thought that for this heat shield that is was that big of a factor. That's why I'm here! Should the RF plate have a pitch to it?
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    Yes, you will need some slope for the RF plate but to catch and drain the fat more than direct the smoke. The heat will rise, you can't stop that. I noticed you were in Maine, you may want to consider insulating the firebox if you are going to be cooking in the cold. That's another reason you would want the firebox inset to the CC a bit, Your CC will be losing heat quickly, insulating the firebox makes sure most of it goes into the CC instead of radiating through the top of the firebox.
  11. C'mon Len, it never get's cold here![​IMG]  
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  12. Whoa, I just noticed that I maybe should apologise for calling you Al, and refer to you as Len. Sorry
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  13. check out my build
    labeled 100 lb patio
  14. Thanks parrish, I read that a day or so ago, so much reading to do! I remember your shop pic in "kid party mode", been there! How's it work?

    I made a lot of assumptions (about smokers) in the past 2 years that it's taken me to get started. Like my FB idea, it's going to be, errr, at least it planned to be in the bottom of the vertical tank. The sizing brings it up to about 15" away from the bottom of the horiz (CC) tank, I was planning on welding in the "dome" that was removed to make the FB top, cutting a hole in it and piping it up to the end of the FB under the RF plate. (all properly sized, FB to CC) using the .004 "math". In reading, I see that Dave (I think) reccomended somewhere that the "normally built" FB (top) should be about level with the height of the RF plate. Now I'm wondering if what I have planned is a no go?

    Nice job on your smoker![​IMG]
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  15. Do most of you guy's; weld the RF plate in? 

                                     slope the plate away from the FB to catch grease?

    I saw that parrish15 did, it seems IIRC that other's do not. I'd think that the tighter (welded) is was, the better reverse flow.
  16. Here's how it turned out, held the temps nicely during "testing". Sat. there will be a B butt in there.
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    Nicely done smokeshifter!

    You have created a unique design, and that is a rare and welcome thing.

    Also loving the firebox door latch.

  18. Thanks SmokeJumper.

    Simple but it closes it up tight. If you only knew the number of overly complicated (design) idea's that went through my head before I landed here! 
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    It did turn out very nice and it should be very efficient. Great job!

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