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  1. I have a Smoke Vault 24.  This morning I was getting ready for a smoke and I fired it up with no chip or water pan, bare burner.  Had nice blue flame with a little bit of yellow tip.  Put everything together, got it up to temp, put th3e meat in and a little while later something told me to look through the vent at the burner  Top vent is wide open, sides are about half way.  The flame I see is pretty much pure yellow so I open the side vents all the way.  No change ...... but it is keeping temp just fine, purring along, small adjustments give me just what I need and I'm running 240 very consistently with the control knob right about half way, set just over medium.  Should I be concerned with this?  I thought the flame should always be blue unless it was starving for air.  It's cooking fine but I want to make sure it's cooking efficiently and correctly
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    Mine does the same thing. When I first got mine I called SV and spoke to the engineer about the flame being slight yellow. He stated this is how the burner is designed (as long as there is no soot building). He sent me a new burner anyway just to be on the side of caution. SV has great customer service.

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