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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2kkinz, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. 2kkinz

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    I am smoking a 8 lb Boston Butt and do not have 8-10 hours to manage the sidecar smoker. Can I smoke the Butt for 2-4 hours and then move it into a slow cooker? I can not use oven as wife is not a fan of "the smoke" so that rules out that method. I appreciate any feedback. Cheers.
  2. To answer you yes you can. I have done that when we had something come up and I had to leave. It came out great and very tender.
  3. 2kkinz

    2kkinz Newbie

    thank you sir!
  4. noboundaries

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    Absolutely no problem at all. I don't use a slow cooker but I have often thrown some smoke on meat for a few hours then moved it inside to finish in the oven or on the stovetop. I've had rubbed stew meat in the fridge for two days that will go on the smoker this afternoon for a couple hours, then into a Dutch oven on the stovetop for chili.
  5. You can do it both ways

  6. 2kkinz

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    I think i am just going to go get a WSM and give that a whirl. Love this site
  7. daveomak

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    FWIW, if one of the setting on the slow cooker is around 180-200 deg F.... Use that setting for about a 24 hour cook.... Don't poke any holes in the butt.... no therms, no garlic, no injections.... whole muscle meat is considered sterile on the inside..... poking or prodding introduces bacteria and pathogens which can multiply during the cooking cycle until the meat gets to 140 ish IT...
    After 24 hours the meat will be pulling tender and moist...
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  8. billmc40

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    I love my WSM, so much better then a Masterbuilt for me! I have an 18 inch. If I could sell it I would get myself a 22.

    Bill Mc
  9. 2kkinz

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     just picked it up and would love any advice from the veterans:

    - saw a video that this guy states that if you have gas grill ceramic coals use that instead of water in pan and cover briquettes with foil for drippings and easy clean or he suggested using kids playpen sand. thoughts?

    - If I am only doing butt what level do you suggest to put meat on. Ribs? Top rack?

    and most importantly, in the video I saw the guy put a circle of charcoal around ring laid, then laid 3 chunks of wood in middle and then a chimney full of charcoal and poured it in center over wood. He stated that is all the wood you need. Never more.  

    I would love some tips especially from last question as my sidecar would use a bag of chunks per cook. TY
  10. What type smoker do you have ? Picture would be nice

  11. noboundaries

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    2kkinz, you'll love the WSM.  Let's keep it simple for your first smokes.  Don't worry about the water pan just yet.  Use it as it was intended to be used, with water.  The water is a heat sink for temperature control.  Just follow the WSM instructions and you'll be fine.  A butt is the most forgiving cut of meat you can smoke in it so don't sweat the details or temperature swings.  Just use the top shelf.  You can put a drip pan on the bottom shelf to ease with the cleanup. 

    Do you have a meat or digital thermometer?  You'll need one to determine when the butt is done.  You can pick up a cheapie for $10 or so at the grocery store then later pick up something fancy like a wireless Maverick 732 or 733.  You're looking for a final temp of 203-205F in the butt to determine it is done for pulling. 

    Post pics! 
  12. 2kkinz

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    Update-- I did read an article about running through a few dry runs to season the grill but read it too late and could not do it because our guests need ribs for the Packer game. I am really shocked so far at the ease of this grill but more shocked on how little wood you need. The grill is holding at 225 -perfect for my baby backs. Didn't have to tinker much at all with vents. Turned bottom ones half closed and good to go. Will check in 3 hours flip them and then flip back 1 hour later and all should be good (I hope)!  Thanks for all the tips and advice.. Flesh Forever!!
  13. 2kkinz

    2kkinz Newbie

    and I did the Minion method!
  14. Packer Game ????     You mean DALLAS GAME !!!

  15. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    Hey Gary, it's the Packer Game.  I seem to remember a post where you said you remembered watching the 1st Super Bowl.  Remember who played in that one? 
  16. 2kkinz

    2kkinz Newbie

    Weird that the temp is sticking around 216 with all vents open. How can I get it hotter?
  17. I do   Packers beat Kansas City (Who were the Dallas Texans before they were sold to KC)

    But we can hope it will be a Dallas kind of day

  18. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    The New York Yanks.  Good luck with today's game.  Currently 23 degrees in Green Bay with temps dropping to 16 by the end of the game.  Not anywhere I'd care to be.  I'll watch it from the comfort of my couch.
  19. daveomak

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  20. daveomak

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    If you are using a water pan, dump the water out..... check to see the ash layer has been knocked off the coals so they get more air.... remove ash from under the coals to get more air.... partially close the exhaust to reduce the cold air intake....

    a picture of what you have and any mods would help....

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