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  1. So I kind of have an odd question, but I figured it cant hurt to ask...

    I wanna do a pork butt on memorial day, but I'm not too keen on waking up at 3:330 am and I'm not too comfortable leaving my ECB lit over night. My question is, Would par-cooking a pork butt a day before and finishing it to its pulling temp alter flavor and in the long run be incredibly stupid? I was planning on letting it smoke the day before at 225 until it hit an Internal temp of 145 degrees, pulling it off the smoker and popping it in the fridge overnight, then in the afternoon the next day finishing it on the grill to have ready by a 5:00 serve time. I'm just curious if anyone else thought of trying this method, or has used this method to some degree of success. If it turns out to not be a smart idea, Then I will end up biting the bullet and getting my lazy bum out of bed at the wee hours, but any and all advice is welcome. Thanks in Advance!!

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    Hi Charlie.

    I've never done that, so I'm not sure how a partial cook the day before would affect the taste, but I would have to think it would affect it some at least. 

    My suggestion would be to completely cook it the day before, go ahead an pull it or slice it, or whatever you indend to do.  Then store it overnight in the fridge in airtight baking dish.  The day you want to serve it, reheat it in a 300* oven, covered with foil or in an airtight container.  Maybe splash in a little apple juice or other liquid in the pan.  I have done this, and can tell you that the pulled pork comes out moist and tasting great.  I have heard of others reheating day-old pulled pork in the Crock Pot with success as well. 

    Good luck!

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    I can't get my wife out to the smoker that early in the AM so I agree with Red, the day before works good. 
  4. I like the idea of heating up in the crock pot. I would think dropping a finishing sauce into the crock pot with the pork would also bump up the flavor and juiciness quite a bit. Thanks for the advice Red!
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    I do partial cooks with briskets from time to time with no flavor alterations.  I'll smoke until I get to the wrapping stage of my cook at 160-165 IT (usually in 4 to 5 hours), then wrap it up, let it cool down a bit then off to the fridge for the next day.  The next day, I'll throw it in the oven somewhere around 275 to 300 until it's toothpick tender.  I don't see why doing the same with a pork butt wouldn't work. 
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  6. For those of who saw this and are wondering, I did try the partial cook method with a picnic roast and had excellent results. Some disclaimers though...I did make an honest attempt to smoke through the night but with temps outside in the 30's, my little ECB had a hard time keeping warm and I had to throw in the towel. I probably won't make this a habit, but I got to see how the pork would respond.

    I smoked It from 8 pm til 2 am. Luckily that got me to 140 IT so I was able to atleast get the maximum amount of smoke before I had to call it quits. Took it off, rested it a few and wrapped in aluminum foil then threw it in the fridge. At 7:30 am I popped it in the oven at 275 with SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce, covered it with aluminum foil and let it do its thing. 10 hours later she was done. And she was a beaut. I tried to get q view of the pork but my guests were so hungry they were gonna eat me if I didn't pull and serve up that pork quickly. It was so juicy and tender, I couldn't stop sampling it as I was pulling. Everyone loved it too. Even a few people who don't eat pork tried it and loved it. A huge victory for me I'd say. So to answer my original question, it works with great results. A great go to plan of all else fails.
  7. sqwib

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    You will get smoke flavor the entire time you add smoke.
    I would not pull the pork before 145-150 internal next time however, I think Red was right on.
    I'm glad it worked out.
  8. Hey Sqwib, I thought I read somewhere (maybe in one of Jeff's newsletters?) that anything after 140, the smoke stops penetrating the meat so it would be a waste of wood to go any more than that on a charcoal snoker? It is possible that I read the article incorrectly so I'm glad you clarified :)
  9. MrChuckieRock:

    the smoke penetration debate is a point of contention for many Q'ers...current studies appear consistent with the theory that, as SQWIB wrote, meat will take on smoke through the whole process (though many factors come into play...)

    Hope that helps!
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    At 140°F is the temp at which the smoke ring formation ceases, in case you were wondering.
  11. Ahhhh ok. Definitely makes more sense now. That's why I was confused. Appreciate all the help guys. I love the fact that everyone is quick to help a newbie in need!
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    If rushed and have to do it on the day, put Smoke on until 165*F and wrap,place in a pre-heated Oven until IT is 200*F or so for pulling. They pull better when pulled right after an hours or so rest(cool a bit) then pull the bone out and Shred with Bearclaws or 2 large Salad Forks...Finish with a Sauce(Soflaquer's is great.) bag and place in Fridge , in vacuum bags and Boil to heat the next day or at the Party. I did a party of 300 Iron Coffin Bikers and had no problem...[​IMG]

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