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  1. I found this recipe online and it looks like a simple landjager recipe that i would like to try but I'm questioning the amount of encapsulalated acid ?It sound like way to much ? The package from allied kenco says 3 oz. per 25 lbs.of meat.

    Here is a recipe for 10 pounds of venison landjager sausage:

    7 pounds fat free venison

    3 pounds fatty pork (pork shoulder or 60 percent lean trimmings)

    9 tablespoons sea salt

    2 teaspoons quick cure

    1 ½ ounces corn syrup solids

    1 teaspoon ground white pepper

    1 teaspoon ground caraway seed

    1 teaspoon ground coriander

    6 ounces encapsulated citric acid (this gives sausage its tanginess)

    1 ounce organic sugar

    32 to 35 millimeter hog casings

    1) Mix all seasonings and dry ingredients until well incorporated.

    2) Grind venison and pork using a ¼ inch grinder plate.

    3) Add seasonings and dry ingredients to meat and mix well making sure seasoning is evenly distributed through meat.

    4) Place meat and seasoning mixture into stuffer.

    5) Stuff meat mixture loosely into 32 to 35 millimeter hog casings.

    6) Form 7 to 8 inch long sausage links by twisting or tying  

    7) Place links into 75 degree smoker until dry to the touch. Do not add smoke at this time.

    8) Remove links from smoker and place into a wooden mold tightly against each other. Place weighted board on top of sausages and let sit for 1 hour. Landjager is a flat sausage so this step is to form the round sausages into flat sausages.

    9) Remove sausages from wooden mold and place into 80 degree smoker for two hours.

    10) Raise smoker temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for two more hours.

    11) Raise smokehouse temperature to 120 degrees and start to add smoke. Run at 120 degrees for 1 ½ hours.

    12) With smoke still rolling, raise smoker temperature to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

    13) After 2 hours at 150 degrees, check internal temperature of sausages with meat thermometer.

    14) Sausage is done when internal temperature reaches 146 degrees Fahrenheit.

    15) Remove sausage from smoker and hang in clean, cool area in open air only long enough to cool to room temperature.

    16) Once sausages are room temperature, immediately refrigerate. Eat landjager within two to three days or freeze the rest
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    Yeah way to much ECA.

    ECA should be 1 level tsp per pound of meat
  3. thanks napas does everything else sound ok its my first try at a landjager
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