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  1. I'm just starting in this hobby.  I have read alot of good information on the site.  Because I'm just starting I don't want to make batches the size of the some of the ones I've been viewing and reading.  For example, if someone posts a recipe that uses five pounds of meat, can I cut that down to 2.5 pounds including the cure?  Would that logic apply to sausage and jerky?  Thanks for the help.  Just want to start with smaller amounts until I know that me and my wife will like it.
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      Sure you can. To make half as much just cut all ingredients in half. Keep in mind that the amount of cure is determind by the amount (weight) of the meat.

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    Fished, morning....  I make up batches of rubs with cure....   Fish, as an example, all the ingredients are weighed and mixed....  then if I want to smoke 5 #'s of trout, I weigh out the amount of rub for 5#'s and put it on the fish.....  that saves me from having to make up batches for each fish I smoke....  Same for bacon... weigh the bacon, add the correct amount of rub with cure...   done....

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    When I make sausage or jerky I weigh all my seasonings and cure. A digital gram scale and a calculator makes figuring how much for how much meat very easy and accurate. You can get a good gram scale on Amazon for about $10. I feel that's a very small investment to make sure everything comes out correct!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys.

    MS Smoker, I thought you could do, just wanted to make sure.

    Dave, I like that link you have for curing salt, first time I have seen that.  I book marked that and the cure calculator.

    S2K9K, I'll into getting the gram scale.  I also need to get a good kitchen scale for weighing meat and stuff.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions as get started.

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