Putting smoked meats in a cooler to set up - ideas!

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  1. I read a post earlier that discussed where a good place would be to put some smoked meat after it comes out of the smoker so it can relax and re-absorb its own juices. A cooler is a good idea, but after thinking a bit more about it, I came up with a few more suggestions that would only cost a few dollars, or even free, and have great results:

    1. You know those insulated bags that keep cold things cold and hot things hot for hours -- well they only cost maybe 3 Dollars. Bet they woiuld do just fine.

    2. If you happen to live close to a pet store that sells fish, go to them and ask if you can get one of the styrofoam boxes they receive tropical fish in. They are large enough to hold lots of meat, and hold temps like you would not believe. Tropical fish travel in these boxes from the Pacific areas, the Near and Far East, Indonesia, etc. and the fish arrive in fairly good shape. Oh yes, these stryofoam boxes are pretty sturdy and make great holders for lots of drinks and ice at any party.

    3. The city I live close to has a company that recycles all grades of styrofoam and they have a drop-off point. They usually don't mind if, after asking, you recycle a box and lid you might find there.

    4. How about those cheap-ee stryofoam coolers that grocery stores usually have sitting around (cost ony a few Dollars.)

    5. If you happen to have one of those silver winter survival blankets that you never use, they are incredibly good at holding heat.

    6. This is a little ridiculous, but if you think about it, this is a great use of space and warm -- the trunk of your car in the summertime. Just wrap up your food in heavy duty aluminum foil (two or three times) then place the package in a pan or dish large enough to hold the meat, open your trunk, set everything in, and close the door. On a good hot summer day, you'll have a mini oven that can hit temps of 180.

    When I lived in Missouri (1979/80) at an Air Force base there, we hit a string (I think something like fifteen 100-plus degree days) so I used the trunk of my car to slow cook a chicken while I worked. It worked great - the temp inside that trunk shot past 190 degrees for several hours. The guys I worked with thought I was off my rocker -- until I took out a 5 Lb., fully cooked chicken out of the aluminum foil. Yes, we ate it. Temps on a flightline can be quite blistering (lots of concrete bouncing heat everywhere) and I always parked my car at the apron (edge) of it where I worked. If, on a hot day, I can cook a chicken in a trunk, then why not use the free heat to let a smoked piece of meat rest there for awhile.

    NOTE: Do an experiment one day and hang a thermometer inside the passenger area of your car on a really hot day (keep windows up) and see where the temps go. You would be amazed! What do you think causes windshields to pop out on real hot days? Heat buildup (pressure) and nowhere to go. Kind of like a big pressure cooker and your windshield is the relief valve!

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    But then again a cooler lasts for years. Hey how about a roll of fiberglass insulation, sorta like a pig in a blanket hehehehe. Sorry couldn't help myself............................
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    I like the bronco slow cooker idea. Just park it and forget about it. perfect chicken evertime and juicy too...............
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    Danger zone is 4 hours from 40 to 140... do you feel lucky?

    Admittedly...my digestive system can take alot...
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    Mine can't after the salmonella poisoning I got a few weeks ago. Be careful. It is really bad!!

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