Purple Bush Beans are in!

Discussion in 'Canning' started by rivet, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. rivet

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    Growing up in The South, purple bush beans (a type of green bean) were always a staple around where I lived. They are stringless, grow quickly, easy to pick, big- producing plants, and very tasty. When cooked, they lose their purple outer color and turn green~ indistinguishable from the more common green bean until you taste them. Got a lot more taste.

    They do very well here in Missouri and our first crop of the year came in today (Burpee Purple Queen [bush snap]) . Mrs Rivet picked 5 gallons and is canning them this afternoon and evening. She sowed the second crop which will come in at the end of September.

    Here's the raw beans and prepped pint's prior to canning-

    And here's the quart jars out of the pressure vessel cooling down. We'll add diced onion to the rest of the beans as we pack them-

    It's a lot easier to pluck the whole plant up and pick and break beans on a table than picking runners, we think! Thanks for viewin'
  2. alx

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    Great looking beans rivet.My garden neighbor is fanatical about canning beans.He does like 75 quarts a year.

    Love the homemade-homegrown produce.

    I leave my bean roots in ground and till em in-the roots fix nitrogen from the air.I just clip em at ground level.What ever works is my motto with gardening..[​IMG]
  3. fire it up

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    Great looking beans John! I love string beans/snap peas/whatever you wanna call them. One of those veggies that are great fresh and ever so great canned.
    A nice touch of fresh garden veggies during the winter months.
    I love planting odd (not your regular same old thing) vegetables but this year I ended up with only regular string and green beans with a very late start.
    Wanted to grow some purps and asparagus beans, also have a good amount of the Big Mamas left and some of the asparagus ones...
    Big Mama are giant lime beans and asparagus are like string beans but over a foot long each, an Asian strain.
    I actually have 2 packs of the Big Mama since I never planted them and one pack (with lots of seeds from the Asparagus seeds so if anyone is interested a SASE and I could always send some seeds).

    Big Mama (Jersey Heirloom)

    Asparagus bean
  4. cajunsmoke13

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    Nice looking beans there rivet,,,
  5. beer-b-q

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    What he said...
  6. rivet

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    Good Grief, FiU, those are somee huge lima beans! Love lima's but never planted them. Yoours look real tasty. That asparagus green bean is the longest I have ever seen- never heard of them before. How do they taste?

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