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  1. I'm planning on smoking pork shoulder (totaling 30 pounds) for pulled pork for an event on Thursday afternoon, and I'd like some advice on smoking time.  I've never attempted to smoke this much at once, but have smoke 10 pounds of pork shoulder at a time and that took about 12 hours to reach 200 degrees.

    I am using a MES 30.  Assuming all or most of the meat will fit at one time, how long should it take to smoke 30 pounds of pork shoulder assuming each hunk of meat is approximately the same weight (maybe 8-10 pounds each) to total 30 pounds?   Will it be comparable to doing 10 pounds or will the smoking time increase significantly with this amount of meat?  It needs to be done on Thursday morning, so if it put it in the smoker at 225 degrees starting Wednesday afternoon around 3:00, allowing 12+ hours of smoking time, does that sound reasonable or will it need more time?

    Thank in advance for any advice.

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    So you are going to use 3 10 lb shoulders?

    That is a lot for a MES 30 but not unobtainable. Each piece will cook in about the same time pending the smoker can maintain the internal temp. With that much pork crammed into a MES30 it will struggle to maintain its temp at first. 

    The 12 hour time frame is too short at 225. At that temp you need to allow up to 2 hours a pound (based on the largest piece) to be on the safe side. So if your biggest piece is 10 pounds then you need to give yourself 20 hours. If you bump the temp to 275 you will cut that time to about 15 hours. If they get done early you can keep them warm in a cooler. 
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    Hi Sally, I have spent 20 hours cooking shoulder at 225 degrees. I would suggest  you start out much higher and slowly lower your temps into the finish. I start around 300+ and finish below 225 taking my temp down through out the cook. Keeping in mind about half the difference between were the meat is at and were I want to finish and adding the difference to 225. This is one of those "about" ways of setting the temp. and speeding the cook along. Some suggest setting the temp at 275 and forget it. I like to take a little longer and finish at a lower temp. I plan 12 hours for my cooks and have no problem. I burn nothing but wood so when I say its a "about" thing I mean very flexible. I have never used what your using so don't know if you can even reach 300 plus.

    Good Luck, Have Fun.
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    I agree with bmaddox says At 225 u are going to need 2 hours per pound plus rest time I would bump the temp 
  5. Thanks for your advice. I just received the meat, and there are 8 roasts at 3-4 pounds each. I realize I'll have to do this in a couple batches, so if I put four 3-4 pound roasts in at a time should I smoke them at the higher temp of 275? Should I still plan on 12 hours or so of smoking tim for each batch?
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    For 3-4 pound roasts at 275 I think it will go faster than 12 hours. Have fun.
  7. Thanks!
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    3-4 pounders will cook in 5-7 hours at 275. 
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. 

    I put four of the eight hunks of meat in yesterday afternoon at around 3:00 p.m. at 250 degrees.   Cooked all night and reached 200 degrees this morning just before 6 a.m.   There was quite a long stall at around 165 degrees--took about 3 hours for the roast temp to start rising again.  They smell and look fantastic--nice bark on the outside and fall-apart tenderness.   Will do the same with the remaining four roasts today.  I'll even try to take a picture of the finished product tomorrow morning -- forgot to do that today.

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