Pulled pork with MES gen 2 and AMNPS

Discussion in 'Pork' started by spag012, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone I am smoking a pork butt this weekend in my GEN 2 MES. I am using an AMNPS for the first time so I was hoping to get some ideas or tips as to which improvements I should make. In addition, I am using my Maverick Et-732 for the first time. So any advice on any of these things would be great. I read Bears cooking instructions so that should be helpful! Thanks everyone!!

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    S012 , Not familar with you smoker but just follow the instructions w/your amnps as far as lighting and burning before inserting in your smoker. The 732 is a nice rig ,just don't stick the probe near the bone . Plan on 2 hours per # and if the butt is done early wrap and put in a cooler. Hit the search bar above for all kinds of tips and ideas. Have fun !!! CM
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    If you're going to try to use your Gen #2 as is, remove the little water pan from the slanted Drip plate.

    Then put your well-lit AMNPS straddling the hole that the water pan was hanging from.

    That should allow the air to run through the hole & give your AMNPS some air flow.

    You can put a Foil pan on the floor under that hole if any fat needs catching.


    If you have trouble with the right side of your Gen #2 being hotter than the left side:

    Remove the Slanted Drip Plate from the Smoker completely.

    Then put the bottom grill rack in & set a foil pan on that rack to catch drips.

    Set your AMNPS on the right end of that bottom rack.

    If your AMNPS smokes to light or goes out, pull the Chip Dumper out a couple inches.

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