Pulled Pork Wells Hog Heaven Sauce

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    I am in texas and am just getting into pork bbq. Tried some "wells hog heaven" sauce a few months back and it was amazing. I used to tomato based bbq sauce and most eating brisket with some ribs and chicken mixed in. Are there any bbq people up tonight from a region that uses a vinegar based bbq sauce? Is hog heaven a pretty good one? I am not sure how much to use when I pull the pork tomorrow. I also got a hotter sauce called "scotts sauce red hot". They both are from NC so I guess they are good to go. bbq pics to come.  
  2. Use the search Engine on your Browsers home page and search fro those recipes, they are on the net, go get them.[​IMG]
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    Max, I don't know about Texas, but here in North Carolina we like vinegar sauce and we serve our sauce on the side. When you pull pork, present it on a plate by itself and allow whoever's eating it to add the sauce as they like.
    - Ryan

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