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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by chdolfnz, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. chdolfnz

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    It's been awhile since I've posted...life is crazy..kids back in school..vacations are over...now it's time to get down to some serious smoking on these nice fall weekends! Right now I am doing some fresh sausage rings in the smoker..2 sweet italian, 1 Hot Italian..going to make sausage and pepper sammies for the football games tomorrow..just checked them..they looked and smelled wonderful! I do have a question since I am very green at this smoking thing...I want to do some pulled pork next weekend for sandwiches..What cut of pork is the best to use? I've heard about all the different cuts, but confused on which is which! I will probably smoke it on Fri, then pull it and heat it up on Sat for the games. Any advice would be great! Thanks so much

  2. walking dude

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    Pork Butt

    can't go wrong

  3. brennan

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    To the best of my knowlege, pulled pork almost universally comes from the butt (shoulder). Out of the butt portion of the pig there is the boston butt and the picknick shoulder...not sure of any difference...probably a regional thing like trach/garbage, dinner/supper, or pop/soda. I haven't really heard of pulled pork coming from any other part of a pig. I could probably see someone pulling a loin roast or something similar but that's a comparitavely lean cut of meat compared to the butt. I'm sure others will be along to help you out as well. this is just my $.02
  4. ron50

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    Boston Butt is a pretty pouplar cut for pulled pork. A lot of people smoke the picnic, although it has a little more bone and fat. If you buy an entire pork shoulder, it contains the butt and the picnic.
  5. walking dude

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    i have also found, that the bone in helps with cooking internal temps

  6. brennan

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    not to mention the added wonderful calogen from the bone seeps into the meat making it that much more tender and juicy...mmmmm...pig jell-o
  7. chdolfnz

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    Thanks for the info...I think I'm on the right track!! Never did any pork yet, so I am excited to get to it...just don't want to wait till next weekend..HUNGRY NOW!!!
    I'll let you know how it turns out and hopefully figure out the picture thing!!![​IMG]
  8. meowey

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  9. hawgheaven

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    Yup, either a Boston butt or a fresh picnic shoulder... both work great. You'll find the picnic shoulder alot cheaper that the BB and have more waste, but still well worth it. Both are excellent choices.

    If you do a picnic shoulder, skin it first... that will allow more smoke penetration in the meat. The day before the smoke, slather it all over with yellow mustard and rub with your favorite rub. Plastic wrap it and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

    Next morning, pull it from the fridge and let it sit to room temp, while you prepare your smoker and get it up to 225-250. Once it is on the grates, spritz it every hour or so with apple juice. Let the internal meat temp get to 160-165, then wrap it in heavy foil, adding more apple juice. Grate it again and get the internal temp up to 200-205.

    Let it sit for awhile (an hour or so), then pull it. It will be the tenderest, juciest pork you'll ever want. If you'd like, add some bourbon to the apple juice spritz... mighty good! [​IMG]

    Hope this helps!
  10. chdolfnz

    chdolfnz Fire Starter

    Thanks again guys...what would we beginners do without you!!![​IMG]
    It is much appreciated!

  11. smokin for life

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    Damn Hawg I fianally felt like I could help some one out. And you covered it all plus some. Oh well next time I'll have to be a little quicker. As long as the help is here and they find the answers. I'm just trying to build up some points for the OTBS.
  12. richtee

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    Hungarians <Hunkys..heh> make a dish called Kocsonya <Kutch n ya>
    Uses feet and ears...
    I'll post a recipe if yer interested.. basically pork jello...hehehe
  13. deejaydebi

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    Welcome back CHDOLFNZ!

    I thought you given up. Glad you came back and are still smoking. Butts are used most often for pulled pork, but whatever I can find cheapest is what I use. Shoulders, and butts work about equally as well IMHO.

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