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  1. Hello all,

    Sorry to bother you but I can't seem to post on the forum.I am making a ten lb pork for pulled pork sliders at my school for the teachers last day. After reading everything on doing it can you tell me if this way will work. I was going to put it on my smoker at 4:00pm on this Wednesday night,then hopefully around 4:00am pull it if the temp is at 200%.I have to leave my house on this Thursday morning by 5:45am to be at work by 6:30am.If I do as I explained is it alright to wrap it in foil before I leave for work, and then at 10:00am pull the pork apart and prepare it for sliders? Or should I pull it apart once I take it off the smoker and just put in a container till 10:00am lunch. Thanks For Your Help : }

    Rick Green
  2. When you pull it from the smoker u putting it in the fridge until later? Then pulling it apart?
  3. For a ten pounder I'd give myself more time than 12 hours to get to 200 degrees IT.  As for pulling it immediately or waiting until you get to school, by all means WAIT!!!  Wrap it up in a towel or whatnot and put it in a cooler and bring it with you.  I would highly recommend using a finishing sauce also.  There is a fantastic recipe for that would turn a good pulled pork into a fantastic pulled pork on here.
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    Sounds fine to me. Double wrap in foil. Then wrap a blanket or towel around it and into a cooler. IT will stay hot enough until you are ready to pull it.

    I have done this many times.
  5. I think I am going to pull it out and then wrap it and put it in a cooler. Then pull it apart at lunch time. 
  6. Thanks my plan is for my first time to do a rub then inject apple juice. What type of sauce should I use.I thought they would just put some pork on a roll and then cole slaw .Any ideas ? Thanks 
  7. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a bright sunny day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Will you have an oven available? The only reason I ask is because then you can smoke the pork a few nights before and not be in such a time crunch. Last thing you want is to be leaving for work and the meat is still not where it needs to be for pulled pork. If you do have an oven available, I would smoke the pork a few nights before, pull it, let it cool and then construct the sliders the night before. I like to use the little potato rolls you can get at the store. Here's a link to couple of different kinds of these pulled pork sliders I made. Hope this helps!

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