proper rack order for different meats in an upright masterbilt electric?

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  1. if i were going to do ribs, a brisket, and a bone in pork shoulder, i was wondering if the placement on the racks mattered...obviously the butt and brisket would go in hours before, im not a total newb, but i was wondering if anyone had any input on this?  should the butt and brisket go on the top 2 racks?  any help would be much appreciated! 
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    Any rack for these , you'll be placing the Butt and Brisky in first for sure ,so top. May save some heat when you put the ribs in and the Basting from the other will be fantastic. [​IMG]

    Get a good reliable thermometer , place in meat to track "temperature of the Meat" and use a "guestamate" of 1.5hrs. of cooking @225*f / pound of meat. Again , only to track time as Briskys and Butts are notorious for long Stalls.  Don't worry , be Patient .  (Don't worry be happy -Bobby Farin in background).

    When you place the ribs in ,here some reading :

    Have fun and as always. . .

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