Propane to Natural gas conversion

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by virgo53, May 22, 2007.

  1. virgo53

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    I thought I read somewhere here on the forums an explanation between Propane and Natural gas pressures. and what type of regulators or rework for grills would be required to convert.

    I can't find that thread again. I went back for one year in this thread and looked though others.

    Any one remember this and could point me in the direction I need to go??

    I am thinking of attaching my grill and smoker (both Propane) to the house natural gas and would like to have quick disconnects. I also have mosquito magnates that may be convertable.

    This would save me a bunch of hassles with the number of tanks I need and cut the cost.

    Any one ever do this?? suggestions/advice, even warnings if someone has any are welcome.

    Thanks for the support,

    Usually actual food/smoking technique questions, sorry for the hardware type.

  2. teacup13

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    you can buy the kits to convert your grill to NG at lowes,lowes or your closest natural gas dealer will have the fittings and parts needed to do it properly

    i will look around for you as well
  3. virgo53

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    Thanks for the assist. I will look into this asap since I plan on many overnight smokes. You sure were helpful. I couldn't find those threads. Obviously operator error. Learning how to refine searches now,

    Again, Thanks for the assist!!!!!


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