Problems getting good smoke with my GSOM

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  1. Howdy all So now that I’ve been smoking for a couple of months I keep running into the same issue. I can’t seem to get a good TBS out of my GSOM. I’m getting white smoke and a lot of it.. I mean a LOT of white smoke.

    Temps are at 225-240 as confirmed by digital thermometers as in plural. I’m using chunks I bought from and only putting 1 chunk in at a time and covering it with the lid. I start out with what seems to be decent blue smoke then after about 30 minutes the white smokescreen starts. If I check on the wood it’s about 80% black with the top of it still wood-ish colored. I’ve gotten into the habit of dumping the chunk and putting in a new one every 30 min or so to keep away the nasty white smoke but this isn’t working well for me. #1 I’m using a TON of wood and #2 I hate having to do this every 30 min.

    I’m thinking the wood might be flaring up or catching on fire and I’m absolutely perplexed how anyone uses more than 1 chunk at a time. Doesn’t that just make a crazy amount of smoke?

    Anyway I had an epiphany this morning and was wondering if the larger wood boxes when full actually smother the fire and smoke less? Anyone else have issues with the GOSM doing this and how did you resolve it?

  2. I had something similar happen when I started using my GOSM.  What a couple of the guys here told me to do was to crank the heat up until you start to smell the smoke, then back it down to the temp that you want it.  Once it settles down add your meat and you should be good.  I am not sure which GOSM that you have but mine has three vents, one on top and one on each side.  I usually keep them all the way open in the beginning and then back them off to about half.  Hope that helps and answers your questions.
  3. Thanks for the reply

    I only have 1 vent on the top
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    Do you keep the top vent open 100%?

    It should be.
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    When it's fully open the smoke is able to flow around the meat & exit the chamber, if you restrict the flow you may get a creosote build up in the smoker & a bitter taste to the meat. Personally on any smoker i have or had I always kept the top vent open all the way.
  6. Good information, thanks. I've not had a bitter problem yet but would still like to find that TBS nirvana that lasts for longer than 30 minutes. I've heard of people buying larger pans and having better results so maybe I'll go that route. I know for sure before I smoke my next meat I'll be experimenting with it empty to see what happens.
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    I think the inside of you GOSM is similar to my Smoke Vault. I replaced the chip tray with a veggie wok, and put a sheet of foil in the bottom to keep the ashes off the burner. I fill it up with wood chunks & get TBS for hours. This may work for you. Here's a couple of photo's.


  8. I have the same GOSM and use the same chunks from the fruita website.

    I never got white smoke but then again I never used the stock chip box.

    Do these 3 things: 1. Buy yourself a 8-10" cast iron pan to use for the wood and leave the chunks uncovered. 2. Cut the 4 legs of the wood pan rack down 1" - 1 1/2" (to get it hot enough for TBS at 230F - the large cast iron pan needs to be about 1" closer to the fire than the small box). 3. Keep the top vent all the way open.

    With this setup I get 1-1 1/2hrs life per chunk. I start with 2-3 chunks at the beginning and then add 1 at a time after the first ones burn out.
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  9. Do you soak your wood?
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    If all else fails, as it does with electric smokers, and many others, call in "A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER" to the rescue.   [​IMG]

    Perfect smoke for 9 to 12 hours without touching it.

  11. Thanks for the replies

    This is pretty much what I have been doing except cutting the legs down. I'll do that next.

    The cast iron pan makes a HUGE difference! I do notice that it has raised my temps thou and and I can't keep it at 225 anymore, it's more like 250. I think it's because the pan holds a ton more heat.
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