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  1. Hi all I'm smoking some pork spare ribs today and I usually just marinade them in Italian dressing over night but I decided to go out of my concert zone and do a dry rub on question is can I put to much rub on them from what I've seen most people do like a lite rub on them and mine almost looks like my meat has a tree bark on them I'm wondering if I put to much rub on I used a regular mustard as my base to get my rub to stick to my protein and advice would be more then appreciated thanks all
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    Some guys like a lot of rub, some just lightly dust with it.

    How did your ribs turn out?

  3. Really?? No such thing as a dumb question. Best answer I can give though, is to try it every way you can think of until you find the one YOU like the best.( Or maybe the way your wife likes best, which is about the same right?)
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    You can always add some, but it's hard to take it out. Some folks even smoke ribs with no rub and then add sauce at the table. Try several different ways and above all, keep good notes.

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