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Discussion in 'Pork' started by hhersh, May 5, 2007.

  1. I have seen it somewhere in this forum that meat will not accept any more smoke after it reaches a certain temp. If memory serves, around 150F. If this is true, i'm wasting my mesquite chunks right now since the temp of my Boston Butt has reached 161*......any help appreciated...[​IMG]
  2. pigcicles

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    hhersh - the meat will stop producing the smoke ring at around 140º - it will continue to take on smoke flavor through the entire smoke - I don't have the post handy, but it is here somewhere. There have been many discussions on the topic of smoke ring vs. smoke flavor. Try not to get the two confused.

    Hope this helps.. any more questions ask again and I'll try to find the posts for you.

    Keep Smokin
  3. cajunsmoker

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    Yep, that is the deal[​IMG]

    Be careful after 140 with your smoke so you don't overdo it.
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    Interesting ... I didn't know that smoke flavor and the smoke ring are separate entities... makes sense ...sort of ...will ponder this info.

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