Primo XL Oval VS Kamado Cooker

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Which Would you Buy

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  1. Primo XL Oval

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  2. Kamado

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  1. HI

    I know this sounds very similar (like comparing a set of twin sisters) BUT I am looking at purchasing either product. I am new to the whole bbq/smoking thing, but my wife and I love the natural flavor of smoked products. We also HATE cleaning ovens and by the sounds of it these tick both boxes. We would then (when purchased) do 85% of all cooking on it (apart from boiling potatoes etc even though I am sure you can do it on them).

    I live in australia and can get a Kamado Style cooker from a dealer from about 1600 AUD, with the usual extras, pizza plate, extra rack etc etc on a small stand (with side tables not a cart).

    I have also seen a Primo XL Oval in the states for about 1500 USD with similar options. 

    What I am wanting to know if what are you thoughts about which one I should buy. I am looking to buy in the new year!.

    Thanks your input and time

    Kind Regards
  2. meateater

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    Personally I dont own either cooker. I believe a few folks on here own them and they might chime in later. From what I read they run hotter than what a smoker would. Smoking meat is a low and slow process usually at 225* F. A 14 Lb. brisket will take 10-14 hours give or take. I'm trying to describe in american standard scale so you can convert into metric. There are a lot of favorite smokers on this forum (all good). My personal favorite is a U.D.S. aka Ugly Drum Smoker.
  3. thats ok with imperial , i am used to converting; so in your recipes etc are fine in imperial. thanks for your comments

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