Prime Time Meat Loaf

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  1. I took inspiration from Scarbelly and tried a meat loaf weave.  Nothing fancy about my recipe:

    3 lbs 75% lean beef

    1 lbs fresh Pork Sausage (medium heat)

    1/4 cup of my usual bbq rub

    4 eggs & a dash of milk

    1/2 tsp each of seasoned salt and garlic powder

    1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs

    1 diced yellow onion (the biggest one I could find)

    1 diced hot pepper (seeds removed)

    1/2 diced green pepper

    Formed three moist and mushy loaves, sprinkled with more rub, and began the weave.  Found out later, it takes about a pound of bacon to wrap each loaf.  I only had 2 pounds, so I wrapped one kind of good, the second less well, and the third one, the one for family, received the remains.





    Smoked it to an internal temperature of 150 degrees and had my smoker temperature maintained around 210..


    I couldn't be more pleased with the presentation and taste.  The bacon took on additional smoky flavor and the smoke in the meatloaf itself drew complements.  Nobody asked for catchup.  If anything, I might have let it sit at 150 too long, since it seemed just under the border of being overcooked.  

    Happy Smoking,

    Ron Groetsema
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    LOOKS GREAT !!!!!![​IMG]     [​IMG]
  3. smokinal

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    It sure looks delicious Ron!
  4. Hey y'all,

    Let me know if I'm posting too often.  I've been vending BBQ for years but until this year, never owned a smoker.  Correction, until this year, a smoker has never owned me.  Now it seems, every time I plan a trip to the market I check this forum to see what I may want to smoke next. 

    The Q-views with commentary are great.  Even the failures, since we all learn from each other.  I'm just as curious to hear about mistakes as I am successes.  It might save me a wasted roast someday.

    Next week I'm hoping to be using my son's home built offset wood smoker for a meal or two.  That should prove interesting.
  5. scarbelly

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    Hey man looks like you really nailed it - awesome job.  You can't post too much good food around here, keep em coming
  6. Thanks Scarbelly,

    I appreciate your comments the most.  I didn't quite nail the presentation since it was more delicious than pretty.   The pretty ones will be served to my son and family near Chicago next week.

    Totally appreciate the dedication of the administrators of this board.  Just feeling your excitement about great bbq incites me to smoke more.
  7. sprky

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    [​IMG], I dont think you can post too much here. I enjoy your posts, love the Q-view, and gives me ideas. So I say keep them coming.
  8. Those look so yummy! Don't think there is such a thing as too many posts...I've learned so much here and I need to try one of those smoked meatloaves soon. Thanks again for sharing
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    You can post when ever you want around here. It's the only p+rn most of our wifes will let us look at. Just Kidding really we are all just a bunch of mostly men that love to cook and make stuff like sausages, bacon, and just some really good stuff to eat.
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    keep em coming     the more the merrier
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    Looks like a winner Ron [​IMG][​IMG]

    No such thing as To much Qview, keep it coming buddy
  12. This is now on my list of things to try yum yum!
  13. driedstick

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    Looks good
  14. Thats the stuff that has me boggled . . . sausages and bacon.  Where do you begin?
  15. berninga87

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    with sausage and bacon...the sky's the limit!
  16. Get me started.  First steps with sausage.  How does a beginner begin? 
  17. berninga87

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    Well my new favorite snack is something i think was brewed up by another member. Use the search bar and look for either "pork shots" or "pork caramel candy", they are delicious, inexpensive and easy to make, also a good way to experiment with your smoker without fear of ruining an expensive hunk of meat. I'm not a huge sausage person, I'm more into bacon, but these will use both. I know there are a lot of people here who make their own sausage and bacon as well and there are some great/and safe recipes for both dry and wet cures. I'm fairly new myself but keep reading to learn more and love to share what i've learned so far. I can bet you wont be disappointed by the pork shots either!
  18. berninga87

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    Oh and your meat loaf really looks like a fattie, have you read about those yet? another sausage and bacon recipe you can really get creative with!

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