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  1. Im thinking about doing a prime rib for Christmas eve..I'll prob get a 4 bone roast. Any good rubs? Also what is your preference? Grill(22.5 weber) or smoker? If smoker..what type of wood? How long at what temp to get to 130 in center?
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  2. For sure smoker. I like to start out real low on temp and work up to get lots of smoke flavor. Remember if you want 130° your going to need to pull it about 120°-123°. It is also very important that you let it rest before slicing. You can use any wood that you like. Hickory is good for a strong smoke flavor. Apple or pecan would be a milder flavor. Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

  3. I'm thinking about using some cherry wood on my electric smoker..I'd like to use my stick burner but I don't think I'm going to have time to mess with the fire!
  4. That will work just fine.

    Happy smoken.

  5. I've done some 4-5 bone ribs that took about 4 hours at 200-225 to get to 130 IT.  It depends on the weight, starting temp, etc.  I always use a smoker for my prime ribs.  Oak, Hickory, cherry - all work.  I've gone 6-7 hours for a 7-bone rib.

    All I put on my Prime ribs is salt & pepper, maybe some garlic powder.  The meat has great flavor - don't over spice it.
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    If you have time to do it, I recommend doing a dry age in the fridge. Takes about 7 days. There is a good article the Guy Fieri did on the food network website.

    I really like a 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan. I like to keep the rub simple, salt pepper, garlic, sometimes rosemary. Like stated above I prefer a low and slow approach for prime rib.

    Do your self a favor and put a batch of Chef Jimmy J's smokey Au Jus below your roast while you are smoking. Hands down best Au Jus around.
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    I would do it on the Weber myself. But I am biased. I love my webers.
  9. I to am doing a prime rib for Christmas, using Bearcarvers Step by Step method, only difference is I use an RF instead of electric

    Good luck


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