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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jefrox01, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. jefrox01

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    I will be smoking my first prime rib tomorrow.I have a 5# bone in.I will be rubbing eithier EVOO or worchester sauce and using a rub.Any thought s on which is better to coat with?I was going to smoke with a Hickery / Cherry combo.Do I smoke thru the entire process?Going to pull at 130 and foil and rest.I see some foil wrap and put in a cooler and some tent the foil..Which is better for prime rib?Going to smoke at 225-250.
  2. adiochiro3

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    I will alert Bearcarver to your post -- he's probably done a bunch of these and can guide you better than I can...
  3. pineywoods

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    I do the same as James except I just tent foil if as long as everything else is ready.
  4. teeznuts

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  5. jefrox01

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    Thanks for the replys...I'm going to throw a fatty or some ribs on there also...Q-View to come!
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  6. teeznuts

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    Awesome we love Q-view!
  7. smokinal

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    We smoke PR in an alum. pan with beef stock, onions, & garlic, just sitting on the bones right in the liquid. Then use that as an au jus.

    For the rub: EVOO with Montreal Steak Seasoning dusted on it.

    The only other thing I would add is if you like it rare/med/rare. Then when you pull it at 130, just tent the foil pan & leave it on the counter with a probe still in the meat.

    When the temp hits 135, uncover it, slice it & pour some of the au jus on top.

    Good luck & don't forget the camera!
  8. bearcarver

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    There are a lot of Great Prime Ribs on these SMF pages.

    I will give you my opinions, and two links to my step by step instructions of my two best ever Prime Ribs.

    I prefer Worcestershire on Beef, and just some CBP, Garlic powder, Onion powder, and a little sea salt on Prime Rib.

    I smoke it all the way to the end.

    Hickory/Cherry should be Great.

    I would say, if it reaches your pulling temp within a half hour to an hour of time to eat, just foil it.

    If you have longer than an hour to wait, I would foil, towel, and cooler it.

    225˚/250˚ should be fine, but I don't know what smoker you have. If you have good control of the heat, I would stay down at 225˚.

    I would also not temp probe until after 3 hours.

    My Best ever Prime Rib:

    My New Best Ever Prime Rib:

    Don't forget the Qview,

  9. chef willie

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    Oh yeah, smoked're gonna be a happy boy. Good advice above, have fun doing it. Just make sure your probe is accurate and watch your don't want a smoked pot roast. Those bones will be some fine eats as well....waiting for the Qview
  10. rbranstner

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    Oh man I can't wait to see this one. Looks like these guys have you all covered. Good luck and bring on the Qview.
  11. jak757

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    You have all the tips you need above -- some good suggestions there.  EVVO vs. WS is a matter of taste.  Use one, the next time try the other.  I always used EVVO, but seeing all of Bears killer PR posts I decided to go with WS.  I liked it, and will stay with it.  But both are great.  As others have said, you are going to love it.  My 83 year old mither in law, who does not like BBQ at all (I know -- can you believe it?!?!), really likes my smoked PR.

    Good luck -- enjoy!
  12. jefrox01

    jefrox01 Fire Starter

    I misjudged how long it would take to defrost the rib-roast I had in the freezer...I figured 30 hours would have been long enough to defrost in the fridge...NOT even close..So tomorrow will be the day!
  13. teeznuts

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    We'll be watching and waiting. Good luck!
  14. jefrox01

    jefrox01 Fire Starter

    Man I have bad luck...A hour into my smoke I was told my work that I had to leave for Sacramento in 3 hours...I was truly bummed out..So into the oven in went..I waited too long to put the temp probe in...when I did it was already at 135...Took it out immediately and let rest under foil tent for 15 minutes and 7sliced..It was a little over cooked for my liking but was still pink in the tasted good but not what I was hoping for..I have plenty of pics but don't think its worth posting cuz I finished it oven..
  15. bearcarver

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    We all totally understand!!!

    At least it was good that way. You did what you had to do.

    As they say in the sports world----"Get the next one"!

  16. smokinal

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    No shame in finishing it in the oven.

    We've all been there!

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