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  1. Started this #10er around 10:30 last night. UDS 30 coasted around 220 through the night, I think (225 when I went to bed and 216 this morning). This is what I found about 10:30 this morning. 

    Going to step up the temp in hopes of having it for supper tonight. IT at 160 now and hasn't moved in a while. 
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    Now that is a pretty butt for sure! Love the color!
  3. Thanks Cranky, The photo does't do it justice. When I raised the lid this morning the sun was shinning on it and the grease was running. I haven't seen quite that color before. The photo is unaltered. 
  4. Here it is at around 18 hours in. I hope It'll make it for supper!

    Made it for a great Supper, Pulled off the grill at 21 hours and IT 199 for a rest in foil and cooler. Sorry I was too busy getting other things ready to get more photos. Probably have enough in the freezer for about 10 more meals for the wife and I.
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