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  1. So I believe i posted here not long ago I own 3 charcoal smokers. Now that I have added this to my collection and will be my last!...for now My wife brings up her concern and pegs me with "So?.... How much power will this consume"? She expects me to use it sparingly as the charcoals don't use energy...good grief [​IMG]  as i roll my eyes.What kind of power will this use up in an average cook? not sure if anyone has dipped into this question.

    Sorry for the question boys just trying to ease the wifes concern. 

    And Thanks!
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    Sell all the units and buy a pellet grill! No, seriously, you can grab a unit that measures power Kill-a-watt I think. You can see just how much power you use. The kitchen stove may use much more!
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    Tell her you won't use anymore energy than doing a complete load of laundry ;-)
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    Show her this....JJ

    Energy Consumption ( kWh) = Element Power (W) X Hours used (H) / 1000

    1200W MES40  X  6 Hours for Ribs  /  1000  =  7.2 kWh  However this is if the Coil is on the whole time. Keep the door closed on a July day and the usage is probably half that or less. 

    Now take that number and multiply by your cost per kWh from your Electric Bill to find out what it cost to make those Ribs.

    Worst Case...7.2 kWh's  X  $.15 per kWh  =  $1.08 to cook Ribs... Cheaper than the cost of 6 hours of good Charcoal!!!...
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  5. Seriously i think if i make one more BBQ move ill be outside with them! normally that would be fine but i live in Canada the weather ain't that great here!
  6. No really, CANADA! cold nights 
  7. Perfect! Thanks for this!

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