POULTRY SHEARS?or I Used to have Fingers????

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  1. spec

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    I was out looking for a good set of kitchen shears...After wading through pages and pages of lite weight shears that didn't really look like they would hold up to much..I got these...Holy crap talk about scary...I haven't put these to a Chicken or Turkey carcass yet...But if I ever piss off the YAKUZA I think I'd use this to lose a finger

    Here's some pix

  2. kathrynn

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    That looks like a surgical pair off a scary movie! Be careful! Yipes!
  3. spec

    spec Meat Mopper

    YA... I was thinking Freddy Kruger would like these when they showed up!!!!!!
  4. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Sure could have used those today, de-boned a whole turkey breast, my little kitchen shears didn't quite cut it (no pun intended)!

    What brand are those?
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Two years ago Chef's Choice gave these away with the purchase of their electric sharpener. They work well. The nice part is they disassemble for easy cleaning...JJ

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  6. fpnmf

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  7. spec

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  8. sound1

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    Zombies wouldn't stand a chance...Take them apart and you have two weapons. 
  9. s2k9k

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    Thanks spec!

    Thanks JJ!

    I think my kitchen needs these!
  10. spec

    spec Meat Mopper

    Glad I could help...

    I snipped some bacon and Jerky to fit the bags and it was completely effortless...I cut some other stuff too...Zip ties...Butcher's string

    Barb says they stay in the drawer...I  gotta say they are well thought out and cut frozen stuff like nobody's business
  11. spec

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  12. kathrynn

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    Lol....get a set for that bug out bag!

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  13. Shun Classic Kitchen Shears

    Cook's Illustrated & Cook's Country reviewed many recommended kitchen shears about in April of 2011 and only came up with 1 that they Highly Recommended… the 'Shun Classic Kitchen Shears', made by Kershaw (also known as the 'Shun Classic Taskmaster Shears' & the 'Kershaw Kitchen Shears with Magnetic Sheath'). At the time of the review the cost was $40… the cost has now gone up to $50. I purchased a pair of them last year and have found them to be the best of the best. I have been using these shears for about a year and they work as good now as they did when they were new. Since then I've purchased 3 more sets for gifts.

    The included magnetic sheath also comes in very handy.

    Here's what Cook's Country had to say about these shears:
    Recommendation Status:  Highly Recommended

    Testers’ Comments:  Thanks to 9-inch, very sharp blades (one with fine micro-serrations; the other deeply grooved ones), breaking down a chicken felt effortless. Large, rubbery handles were comfy, and blades were symmetrical for right- and left-handed use. They come with a lifetime guarantee.

    Extras:  Jar gripper, bottle opener, screwdriver, nutcracker

    Cleanup    :  Separable blades. Washing by hand highly recommended.
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  14. dirtsailor2003

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    Had to use this strange device (upper right in the picture)  today to Spatchcock Da Chicken! Would've used the shears, need to talk to my very crafty 6 year old to find out where they might be!

  15. spec

    spec Meat Mopper


    I splayed a Turkey for smoking...20 pounder...Holy crap...ALMOST NO EFFORT AT ALL... I did a couple of Rotis. chickens...They practically wacked themselves in half...Clean up was super easy..almost just twist the nut...be carefull of the spring...it can be interesting if it pops out and gets away from you...wash them up and put it back together in the morning...

    Trust me when I say this fooker wacks stuff with NO EFFORT

    I cut thru leg joints like nothing...I had the Cever sitting but never even picked it up
  16. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Even more scary than using those?

    Try using a more flimsy shear like I did for years!  Dang things would go every which way.  Then they really didn't do their job, even while threatening every digit in their way.

    I finally sprung for a decent pair at the restaurant supply house.  As dangerous as they look? They actually cut, and they cut where they are supposed to.  I feel much safer now.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  17. dt333

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    What brand and model is it, how much did it cost and where can I buy it?
  18. jirodriguez

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    LOL..... probably covered in Elmer's Glue and glitter from making that "Happy 4th of July" poster! [​IMG]
  19. mdboatbum

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    I have a pair of the flimsy shears. Got 'em at the dollar store. I wouldn't even think of tackling a carcass with them. What I've found works great for spatching a chicken or turkey is an electric knife. 15-20 seconds and the backbone is out.

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