Pork spare ribs

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  1. Just bought these to smoke tomorrow. Dont i need to trim off the bottom part?

    Then pull the membrane and rub. Right? First time trying this so any input would be great.
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  2. uncle eddie

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    I always pull the membrane if I have the time.  I probably leave it on every 4 or 5 racks of ribs just simply due to last minute "let's do ribs" request.  Membrane "on" might limit some of the dry-rub/smoke penetration, but it still tastes fine.  

    Pull it if you have the time, don't worry about it if you don't.  

    As for trimming - I trim the little odd flaps of meat/meat and any excessive fat.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the info. Damn that membrane was tough to get off. Going to put them on in a bit. Will update with pics. Hoping for the best, but have the local pizza places number just in case. Lol.
  4. uncle eddie

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    I find that if I get it started...then grab the loose edge with a paper napkin or paper towel - I get a much better grip when pulling it off.
  5. smokinal

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    I leave it on. I think it holds the juices in the meat better.

  6. tropics

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    I have scored the membrane when in a hurry 

  7. Thanks guys. I took off what i could and left it at that. Here we go. Ready to smoke

    Notice the small pieces, those are going to be a snack in a few hours. Plan is about 4 hours at 275, per chef Jimmy. Then wrap and back in for another 30 to 45 mins. Twice baked potatoes and salad to round it off. Or a large pepperoni pizza. Lol
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  8. And a couple of these.
  9. Here are the two smaller pieces after about 2.5 hours. Son gives them the seal of approval

  10. About 2.5 hours in. Another hour or so? Hit them with apple juice just in case.

  11. venture

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    Most but not all trim the brisket ends off the ribs.

    Removing the membrane is much easier if you run it under faucet hot water for about a minute.

    Good luck and good smoking.

  12. Here is the finished product. They came out good. Wife, who doesnt like ribs said they were good. Son ate about 3 or 4. The rub i used was a hit and the leftover rub will be going on a tri tip bbq tonight (thanks chef j). Here are a couple of pics
  13. sauced

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    Nice job!! Those ribs look delicious!!!
  14. matchew

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    Ribs look great, brother!  Better than my first try for sure.......
  15. Thank you. They turned out good. Need to get better at trimming and membrane removal. Lol. But it was fun. Good excuse to sit and have a few beers. Lol.
  16. Thanks. I owe it all to the folks here on the forum. Much advice and info. I just went with what they all said
  17. disco

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    Righteous ribs!

    I agree they are way better than my first effort. Points.

  18. Thanks brother. Going to use the rub on london broil tonight.
  19. b-one

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    Nice job on the ribs!
  20. Ribs look awesome!!!  So does the beer!  [​IMG]

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