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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoke signal, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. smoke signal

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    Ok all, so it's been way too long since I smoked some meat so nothing was going to stop me today! My wife thinks I'm crazy but you all get it... Right?

    Anyway, 2' of snow and a steady rain won't stop me from smokin' some ribs. Q-view to follow.
  2. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    Two questions:

    Should I use 3-2-1 method or straight smoke the whole time?

    How do I measure IT with all the bones and limited meat?
  3. big rich

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    I would use up to 4 hrs of smoke. Start checking to see if they're done around the five hour mark. Sauce them if you like about the five hour mark. Watch for the meat to pull back from the bones. Then see how much they bend. The ribs we tell you when they're done.

    After you've tried it this way, next time use the foil to see which way you like better.
  4. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    Thanks Rich. That was my thought process. I prefer my ribs dry and thought that foiling them may keep too much of the moisture in. What temp do you typically smoke them at?
  5. waterinholebrew

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    Really no way to check I.T. on ribs but everyone gets their own way that tells them when to pull em. You can also use the search bar to run a search on it and decide what method works the best for ya. Can't wait to see the pics. WHB
  6. cliffcarter

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    You don't Use IT as a doneness test for ribs, you use the bend test.

    The Bend Test-

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  7. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    Thanks WHB and Cliff. BTW, can't stop staring at that picture Cliff. :drool
  8. big rich

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    Preheat to 250. Cook at 220.
  9. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    Memphis style dry rub and apple juice in a food saver pack overnight. Smoked in hickory/alder for 4hrs at 225deg. Wrapped in foil, covered with a towel, and into the cooler for 45 minutes.

    Vinegar based slaw and cottage fries as sides.

    Smoked cored yellow delicious apples for two hours open on a rack. Halved them, topped with sugar, cinnamon, butter, vanilla and stuck them under the broiler until the sugar crystallized.


    Fed two light eaters and two 7 year old girls.
  10. big rich

    big rich Newbie

    They were done in 4 hrs?
  11. bamafan15

    bamafan15 Fire Starter

    I am going to attempt my first try at smoking ribs in my new MES30. I have never tried smoking ribs before and have done a lot of reading on here. I would rather just do them straight on the rack instead of doing the 321 method. I plan of doing them at 225 and smoke for the first 3 hours while spraying with apple juice about every hour. I just got Jeff's rub and that is what I will be rubbing them down in. However, the spare ribs are a lot bigger than the racks for my smoker. Any issue cutting the rack in two between two ribs and placing each half own its rack? Am I on the right track or wrong track? Any pointers?
  12. reinhard

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    Everything looks great!!!! Love the apple dessert also!! Reinhard
  13. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    Yep. Just a couple half racks of spare ribs. Fall off the bone and still moist. If they were a larger rack I could see it taking longer.
  14. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    It was simple and the apple took in the smoke but it wasn't overpowering.
  15. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

  16. bamafan15

    bamafan15 Fire Starter

    What would you dilute with, water? What kind of ratio? 75 water/25 juice, 50/50?
  17. I own a MES 30 incher and have done many racks of Ribs in it.  I always have done the 3 - 2 - 1 method, it allows for moister ribs. I also now use the Masterbuilt Rib rack, in fact I own 2 of them.  When using the racks, I use a short sided aluminum pan under the rack, makes clean up that much easier.  I never open the door, except when foiling or unfoiling, placing other items in or out or applying BBQ sauce in the last 20 to 30 minute of the 3 - 2 - 1 method.

    Also, I foil the Drip pan, the Water pan, the top of the chip/smoke box that is atr the bottom and at times, using some duct tape, have hung a wide tin foil sheet on the back inside of the MES.
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  18. 100% apple juice, it works fine.
  19. smoke signal

    smoke signal Fire Starter

    Won't argue that. Can't remember where I heard to dilute it but even with that I don't measure it out. Approximately 2 to 1 juice to water.
  20. First time smoker. Just got a 30" MES and I'm going to start with spare ribs. I have 2 racks and I need some advice. Temp? Time? Foil wrapped or not? Sounds like apple juice is a good idea.
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