pork spare ribs for saturday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by boot4lyfe, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    Hey everyone. I got about a 6 lb pork spare ribs I plan on smoking this weekend. Anyone have good recipes for a rub, and also cook times/heat. First time smoking ribs. I have a charbroil junior offset smoker to picture what I'm working with.
  2. dwhite1031

    dwhite1031 Smoke Blower

    Jeff's Rub & Sauce recipes can't be beat. And for 18 bucks they're a bargain.
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  3. ivanstein

    ivanstein Fire Starter

    Best rib "rub" I have found is a dusting of Lowrey's seasoned salt. I don't care for a lot of sugar, which most rubs seem to have. The seasoned salt gives a good flavor without overpowering the flavor of the meat. Personal preference.
  4. matchew

    matchew Smoke Blower

    I've used a lot of store bought rubs and all have been fine. I haven't made Jeff's rub yet but will soon just to test it. I have, however, made a rub that recipe I got from the Food Network from one of  Bobby Flay's shows. The recipe is from Central BBQ (I think).

    I don't have the recipe on me but look up food network, Bobby Flay rib rub or Central BBQ.

    Any way, since the first time I made it I haven't used anything else.

    Good luck!
  5. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    Ok so sounds like jeffs is the way to go. Matchew I think I know what your talking about I might have done that before it was pretty good. I just figured there'd probably be something better like a hidden secret on here. Lol. So how about cook times and heat? And how do i know when it's done?
  6. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I would also suggest Jeffs rub and sauce. Spares, trimmed to St. Louis, I like at 265-275* for about 5 hours with no foil. Then I check by bend test and, if done, sauce for about 20-30 minutes. Let rest for about 30 minutes and slice to serve.

    Good luck and have a nice Labor Day weekend, Joe
  7. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I feel that Jeff's rub is the hidden secret here.  It's not really hidden, but it's been my go to rub since trying it!  I printed the recipes out and somehow didn't get the beef rub recipe.  I love the rib rub and bbq sauce recipe so much that I am ready to pay again to get the beef recipe.  My brisket doesn't stand up to the ribs and butts that I smoke with Jeff's rub.

  8. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    And to anwer your other questions...ribs smoked at 225 for about 5 hrs, bend test.  Pulled pork smoked till 205 IT.  This can be done at varying temps and using various methods.  Low and slow, hot and fast, wrap or no wrap...pork butts don't mind.  

  9. I agree. A little lawry's is all I need.
  10. phatbac

    phatbac Master of the Pit

    If you are unsure how to do a St. Louis Cut on those spare. there is some really good you tube videos on how to to do it. after you do a few racks you will be a pro at it.

    I am a fan of the foil method 3-2-1 cept i go like 3-1-.5 although i have done some good ones without foil too. if you want them to fall right off the bone (what a lot of folks consider overdone, myself included) then 3-2-1 si the way to go. if you want bite through tender but leave the meat on the bone till ya bite if off go a 3-1-1 or 4-5 hours no foil.

    3-2-1 is 3 hours smoke , 2 hours foil with some liquid, 1 hour sauce ( Your mileage my vary) all at 225 degrees on the smoker

    btw if its your first attempt at ribs i would suggest taking the silver membrane off the back of the ribs. ( again youtube that, i don't have a pic of it or search SMF for some step by step instructions)

    and when you are doing the process take some pics so we can look see how you are doing!

    here is a pic of my last no foil ribs....

    Good luck with your Smoke!

    phatbac (Aaron)
  11. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    Already guys thanks for the guidance! I got the jeffs rub going, and trimmed the ribs st Louis style! I'm also going to smoke that extra meat I cut off. I have to go to the store in a little bit because I ddnt realize I had like 3 beers in my fridge. So I need to grab beers and I'll grab hickory wood chips. The store I go to has either mesquite or hickory. Options are limited where I'm at. But as soon as I start going I'll upload pics
  12. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Hickory will work.  I've heard that Mesquite can be overpowering.

  13. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    back is the ribs, front is the stuff I cut off to make em st Louis style. Got the jeffs rub on. It's at like 230ish and hokding. Also got the hickory chips soaked in water and my Lil water pan for inside. Time to Crack open a cold one and hangout and get a tan!
  14. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    my current status. Tried incorporating everything
    Beer, smoker, and tan
  15. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    They looked a little dry, and the bend teat isn't exactly working. I think they might be overdone. I just sprayed them with water to moisturize them so I'll do that for a bit then probably take them off after another 30 min or so. What do you think? I put them in at 1120am and it's now 252pm.
  16. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    The bend test...If they are not done they won't bend.  If they are over done they will break apart.  When the rack bends when you lift one end, it's done.  What did your's do?

  17. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    Oh. Well I grabbed mine in the middle and lifted up. Ha. They still bent a lot but I think that was from their own weight. They ended up being pretty tough.
  18. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Ribs take about 5 hrs to cook at 225-250.  Yours may have needed more time in the smoker.

  19. boot4lyfe

    boot4lyfe Fire Starter

    More time? But they were tough though and dry. Doesn't that mean they were over done? The bone was somewhat pinkish. Is that a for sure sign they weren't done yet? They were also on for like 4.5 hours.

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