Pork shoulders

Discussion in 'Pork' started by russell f, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Can't wait to see the finished product!
  2. This is not a forum for dieters haha good smoked meat is a true work of art. I'm sure these shoulders will be nothing less.
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    Quick question...fat cap up or down when cooking?

    My last pork shouldet was down and came out fine, but I'm still new.
  4. just a personal preference. if youve already done fat cap down and liked it try one up and see how you like that. good luck.
  5. alright!! another XL owner...isnt that smoker just awesome? i love mine and was very well worth the $$. what kinda wood you using?.. will be watching for the outcome of those smokey treats.. thanks for sharing. :)
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  6. Very cool, I think I am going to be very pleased with it. My 1st was a 2 door master forge propane that I learned the basics on. It's capacity was small though. The XL capacity is nice. Per some recommendations on reviews I read, I use a 10 inch cast iron skillet for the wood (sit right on top of the given tray) and I've changed out the water bowl. The wood I use is [email protected] wood pellets I get @ Academy sports (hickory apple cherry etc.) 1 load lasts about 3 hours before I refill. I'm smoking some Boudin this weekend, if it's available where u live I highly recommend it. It's AWESOME.
  7. yeh i use an 8" cast iron pan on mine, thats all i could find at the time. and from the picture i figured you were using pellets.. i always keep pellets on hand as well as chunks. i moved from a stick burner to propane because i live in an apartment now. and im glad i made the decision on this XL model, tons of room and soo many things can go on 1 grate let alone all of em. i pulled the water pan right outta there, all dry chamber for me. as for the boudain,well my familys from beaumont,TX..family has DEEEEEEEPPPPP cajun roots. lol. everytime i go back home theres guaranteed to be a big HUGE pot of gumbo, crawfish boilin, smokers rollin, and boudain being torn to bits...lol.
  8. Here's a pic of Boudin from my first smoker. Boudin on left peppers in the middle and deer sausage on the right. You mentioned crawfish, probably my favorite outdoor (cooking activity) smoking on its way up. But I've been doing
    boils for about 6 yrs. Love me some crawfish, boiled shrimp and etc etc etc
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    Nice, Russell...That looks delicious!  Looks like you're enjoying that new rig.

  10. I cut the fat cap off completely to get more bark. IMHO there's plenty of fat in a butt without the fat cap. ...but not near enough bark to give away!
  11. looks pretty darn good russell! that's last about 5 minutes if that was in front of me. lol. i never thought about smoking boudain.
  12. I never had either until I saw it mentioned awhile back in one of Jeff's news letters. I followed his temp ad time advice and it comes out great.
  13. well i'll most definitely have to give it a shot. i have some boudain in the freeze right now. you mightve just sparked my new dinner plans. haha.
  14. About 225 for about 3 hours

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