Pork Shoulder & Pork Picnic

Discussion in 'Pork' started by azsmokermark, Dec 6, 2015.

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    Friday night my wife asked me to smoke a port shoulder for Sunday's dinner with family and leftovers for our lunches next week.  She selected the meat out of the freezer and set it to thaw.  This morning when I went to prepare the 9.5 pound shoulder much to my surprise, I discovered she had pulled out a pork picnic.  I did not even know we had a pork picnic in the freezer.  We really wanted the shoulder so off to the store I went hoping it would be on sale like all the meats in our freezer were.  No dice!  I picked out a nice 9.4 pounder brought it home and prepared both the same way.

    I put them in them in my Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 at 7:30 AM with a target temp of 230-245 and figured they would be done in 11 - 12 hours.  I used a commercial pork rub for ribs, no mustard, but made sure it coated and stuck well.  Smoking with apple wood, I normally use apple and pecan, but I am out of pecan (I need to make a trip to the local pecan orchard for scraps).

    At 4:00 PM the IT was 165 and it has been in the stall for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The bark on the two pieces of pork looks amazing.  I kept the TBS going until 4:00 PM, probably overkill, but I want to ensure a good smoke ring.

    My wife made a dressing with the smoked turkey I did two weekends ago, what was left of it after she used it for a smoked turkey and vegetable soup last Sunday.  And she is currently making her famous bread pudding for desert.  I think I'll pop some asparagus in the smoker as the pork is finishing and resting. 
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    Sounds like a fantastic Sunday dinner.  How did it turn out?

    [​IMG]               (Couldn't help myself).
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    How did it turn out? Also why did you want the shoulder instead of the butt? Both are from the same muscle group? Just curious.
  4. azsmokermark

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    Well, it took 14 hours to reach an IT of 205F, so we had something else for dinner tonight.

    The bones simply came out using my fingers. The picnic has more white meat than the shoulder. Flavor wise, I like the pecan/apple blend better than simply apple wood.  Apple alone does not seem to impart quite the smoky goodness like pecan.  The Picnic seems to be a little fattier than the shoulder, but that just might be the cuts we had.

    We will be eating pulled pork for a while and chunks for other sandwiches.  Must get some coleslaw on the way home from work tomorrow.

    Oh and my wife found a turkey half price (we think it was marked wrong) while shopping today.  I know what will be in the smoker Christmas Day.

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