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Discussion in 'Pork' started by billhilla, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I am smoking some ribs and some pork loins for the Super Bowl.  I have done ribs a few times and feel good about them....but.....anyone have a good method for pork loins?
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  3. billhilla

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    Someone said to butterfly and stuff them which sounds awesome, but I forgot to mention the loin meat are going to be used for 'street tacos'.
  4. Last time I did loins I smoked them at 220 until internal temperature reached 165. For 2- 1.5 lb loins it took around 3 hours. Good luck!
  5. eman

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    Loins can be smoked and are very good. Just keep an eye on them closely once they get past 100 degrees internal temp .They can / will dry out quickly if you are not careful.
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    damien , i think your talking about pork tenderloin ( the kind that usually has 2 in a package ) not a regular loin, judging from the weight of 1.5 each that sounds like tenderloin to me. i just got back from the grocery store where i picked up a 4# pork loin, i think i'm right , but once a long time ago i was wrong . HAPPY COOKING no matter what you call it

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