Pork loin on the new WSM

Discussion in 'Pork' started by heatman, Feb 26, 2012.

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    Got the new 22.5" WSM delivered Friday and seasoned it yesterday. Played around with the vents and to get used to it and dial in the temps. Got a half pork loin ( 5 lbs.)  on right now. Pork loin looks tiny on this thing. Need to start loading it up and freezing the extra for later.

    This is my second pork loin and was really happy it the 1st one on the old Brinkmann SNG. Last night I injected it with a Garlic/Herb mix and put on a light dry rub an hr. or so before putting it in the WSM. About 1 hr. into the smoke and the WSM is holding a very steady 230 with bottom vents closed and the top 100% open. Using Royal Oak lump and Hickory chunks. I will try to add some pictures later. 
  2. Sounds good.  I LOVE my WSM!
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    Sounds like a great start. Can't beat a WSM!
  4. Sounds good...post some pics!
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