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  1. i have smoked a lot of food since joining here but between being lazy and only having my phone camera handy, I hated to post the low quality pics.

    Today I grabbed the cheap 5mp camera to document my Pork Loin smoking adventure!

    We bought a few whole pork loins on sale a while back.

    I hand cut most of them into nice 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch thick chops BUT I did save 1 large end destined for my smoker.

    It has been languishing in the freezer awaiting its fate and today is the day.

    I pulled it out of the freezer yesterday morning and added some rub while still frozen.

    This morning I got it out to let it dry then applied the real coating of my rub.


    Close up of rubbed and ready.


    When I was removing the loin from the fridge the olives and Jalapenos caught my eye.....


    Olives and Jalapenos skewered and ready to smoke as a snack.


    Into the smoker at 10 am.

    More pics to come..........
  2. smokinal

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    Great start!
  3. jc1947

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    Nice touch with the olives!

    Remember the BearView.

  4. I had to peek to check on my olives...almost but not quite done.


    Nice start, thin smoke..... Maple limbs out of my yard lovingly hand cut into chunks 1 inch long.


    Brown sugar, re-hydrated onions with the water used, 1 tablespoon of my rub, dash ground red pepper, large can tomato paste, bacon grease, mustard, salt pepper, ground celery seed, double dash garlic powder, Kikkoman soy........


    with pork and beans drained and rinsed.


    BTW, the neighbors are drooling over the fence from smelling the smoker going. :)
  5. smokinal

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    Dang it that looks good!

    I have to try the olives!
  6. IF you like olives and you like smoke they are fantastic!

    The few slices of the Jalapenos put them over the top.

    You get that salty olive taste then wham the smokey flavor hits..... then a subtle burn settles in for a very nice finish.

    Now I'm thinking about those giant olives...... stuffed with some type of pig meat!

    I might even add the olives to the jar of Jalapenos for a week or so to let the burn soak in.

    Smoked olives are a GO!
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Looks good...Interesting Bean recipe!...JJ
  8. [​IMG]




    The beans were not dry even though they look that way in the pics.

    Thick and gooey is more like it. I don't care for runny baked beans.

    The meat was fork tender.

    The fried potatoes were crisp on the outside and butter on the inside.

    Excuse me while I go join the wife in a food coma.

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