Pork Loin & Brisket Together

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pantherguy, Jul 1, 2016.

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    I am planning on smoking a 5lb pork loin and 5lb brisket tomorrow. Is the general rule of thumb about 1.5 hrs per lb. for both cuts of meat? Obviously, the brisket will take longer so I'm trying to get my timing down on when I should throw the loin on so they both finish around the same time.

    Also, I will need to pull them both off and wrap in foil and a towel and place them in a cooler around 3:30 pm as we're golfing at 4. How long will it hold temp wrapped and in the cooler? Will the temp go up at all?

    This will all be done on a Masterbuilt electric smoker.

    Have a safe 4th!
  2. I'd start the brisket at least an hour and a half before the pork loin for the weights you mention.  Cooler is good idea:  I've always used newspaper as a foil overwrap, and stuffed the cooler with it as well.  It's a surprisingly good insulator.

    As far as the golf goes:  9 or 18?  In either case, I usually steer clear on a holiday weekend:  3.5 hour round can turn into 6 hours very quickly.....
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    A 5 lb. brisket will take 8-10 hours @ 225. You want the IT to be 195-200 or until probe tender. Rest 1/2 hour & slice.

    A 5 lb. pork loin will take around 4 hours at 225. You want to take it to about 140 IT then rest it for 1/2 hour, the carryover cooking will take it up to 145, which is a safe temp for pork.

  4. pantherguy

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I double checked and I guess the pork loin is 6lbs, which shouldn't make a big difference on cooking time.

    I plan on pulling them off and then wrapping them right before golf. We're playing at our local CC, which will not be busy, so I'm thinking it would rest in the cooler for 2 hrs or so.

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