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Discussion in 'Pork' started by stevee7377, Jun 21, 2014.

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    I put two 9lbers in the Cajun cooker last night at 10:00, injected them with an apple cider mixture, I left them in the foil pans to keep the juices in. 8 hours into the smoke at 230 the butt on the lower shelf is done...IT 208. I used two different thermometers to be sure. I couldn't believe it, usually two 9lb butts will push 18 hours. I am led to believe  leaving them in the pan is what made it go so quick....any thoughts?
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    Butt on the lower rack was closer to the fire so it was cooking at a higher temp than you thought.
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    This was my first thought as well.

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    Past experience has taught me that smoking a butt in a pan will finish it faster. Also, being closer to the heat source probably hurries it along as well.
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    Sorry this is the only pic I took:( 8 hours in the smoker, 208 IT, a little higher than I was shooting for. Obviously the butt was done a lot sooner than I expected so I wrapped it in foil and a towel, put it in my Yeti cooler two hours later the other butt was ready. I did the same with it. I let them rest, 1 for TEN hours and the other for 8 hours. When I pulled them the IT was 150. They were delicious!

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