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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokefever, May 17, 2013.

  1. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Hello again everyone!  I am cooking two butts around 7.15 lb each today.  1 of them will be going to the family yardsale tomorrow for PP Sammies with homemade coleslaw.  The other one, naturally will be going to my parents house for lunch.  I picked these up at Sam's Club for a REALLY reasonable price.   My plan for this smoke is as follows
    • Have the cooker preheated by no later than 8 am
    • Get the butts injected with apple cider vinegar/water solution
    • When smoker temp reaches 225-230, put the meat on
    • Let it go for the first 3 hours and then spray with sprite every hour afterward
    • When IT reaches 190, wrap in foil and take it to 205
    • Place in cooler and cover
    I am looking at a targeted finish time (off the smoker) of about 1130 pm.  So lets get rolling with some View............

    I made up a big batch of rub, so I would have some for ribs next week.  Alot of spices go into this one, here are the ingredients:

    Brown Sugar

    Sea Salt

    Cracked Black Pepper

    Granulated Garlic

    New Orleans Cajun Season

    Dark Chili Powder

    Original Mrs. Dash



    I started to throw some rub on them, and forgot all bout the pre-rub picture.  I wanted to show the fat cap, I left it untrimmed and of course will be smoking these fat side up.

    The fat cap wasnt too thick on these, as you can see below.  IMHO leaving it untrimmed makes for even more juicy of an end product

    Here is a couple shots of them all rubbed up and basking in their glory! 

    Getting the smoker ready this morning

    The outside temp is 61 degrees, smoker temp is at 59 right now.......you can see the fog still hanging around off in the distance

    It was 720 am when I lit the chimney of KF.  I will absolutely be using the Minion Method and the coal inside the FB are KF as well, for now.  I'll be adding lump as the day goes on

    It is now 756 am.  I was hoping on having the cooker preheated by now, but its at 147.  Im not in a rush, just means ill have to stay up later tonight and enjoy some more beers[​IMG]

    Thats it for now everyone, time to get my morning cup o' joe and wait for this smoker to get to temp.  Tons more view coming later!! 
  2. suie

    suie Meat Mopper

    I'm in! [​IMG]

    Sounds like you have the perfect plan! I'm curious about your Chargriller, did you mod it? When I used mine I had to at least line it with foil, or I'd have to sit there all day feeding it.
  3. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Lookin' good so far!  Keep the qview coming...

  4. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Nope, no mods done to it YET.  It needs them badly.  But, aftr trying the Minion Method a few weeks ago, I found that I dont have to feed it nearly as much fuel as I was going through before.  I'm almost thinking that its just not worth doing mods to.  The metal is way too thin and by the time I get done with doing the mods I have in mind, I can just go buy one thats a heckuva lot better than CG.  Its pretty crazy to add fuel and have the tmps drop on a gorgeous day.  Outside temp is 71, its been an hour and a half and the temp is at 174.  Ive already added a chimney full of KF on top of adding lump sparingly.  Its frustrating that this thing can run PERFECT when its raining like crazy outside, but give it a beautiful day and it just wants to eat fuel lol.  Oh well, i have nothing else better to do today so might as well tinker with it and see which settings help out the most.
  5. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Ok so it is now 1040 am.  The butts went on at 10 after 9 when the smoker temp was 230.  For some reason I kept getting these temp drops and spikes like crazy.  I felt the outside of the smoker and then checked the handle of the firebox and both were screaming hot.  I decided to try sticking the bbq probe in a potato this time, but after these crazy readings on my maverick, I decided to investigate further.  I opened the cooking chamber, removed the potato and set the bbq probe directly on the grates as I usually do.  What did I find?  Only a 60 degree difference in temp.  The bbq probe was reading 215 for the last hour, and as soon as I removed the potato, it went up to 275 where it held for a half hour..  Its now chugging along at 250.  Problem solved I'd say, and if anything, this just lessened the time of the cook by a few mins thats all.  Here is a shot of the butts before going on the smoker..

  6. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Here's what it looks like after 2 hours into the smoke.  IT of the larger butt is 102, the smoker temp is 230.

    Before the spritz

    After the spritz
  7. 05sprcrw

    05sprcrw Smoking Fanatic

    You definitely have my attention! I won't be able to q' anything until next weekend so this will have to be my fix instead.
  8. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    [​IMG]   Glad to hear it 05!!  Stay tuned, there will be lots more to come!!!!  What are you thinking bout smoking next weekend?
  9. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    5 hours into the smoke and still no stall (crossing fingers).  Smoker temp is still running strong at 230 with the IT of the larger butt at 151.  We'll see what happens, I know the stall is coming, just a matter of when and how long!

  10. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    And we are 8 hrs in right now and we have a stall.  IT has been sitting at 169 for little over an hour.  Smoker temp right now is 243.  We'll see what happens!
  11. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Smokefever , Patience my friend. I so love good looking Butt:

    Have fun and as always ...
  12. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Just bought out the rest of 4 at Fiesta food mart on my way home. Had all the butts for .99lb... couldnt resist. Ill be doing exactly this come very early sunday morning on my UDS..
  13. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    We are officially 10 hours in and out of the stall.....it hung around 169 for a few hours, then jumped to 171IT where it stayed for another hour.  Right now it is 720pm and the IT is 176 with smoker temp at 114 because i just opened the lid to sneak a couple pics.....here's what they are looking like

  14. suie

    suie Meat Mopper

    Look at that bark...nice! [​IMG]
  15. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Suie!  I opened my mouth a little early about the stalls.........they have been sitting at 176 IT for a few hours now.  Looks like this cook is going to be a bunch of mini stalls  [​IMG]   Oh well, im in it for the long haul, as long as it gets done before 8 am
  16. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Yep, they do tend to have a mind of their own sometimes, don't they?

    Hang in there, Smoke! Your patience will pay off!

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  17. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Ok, now for the finished product!!  This cook took took 15 hours total from start to pull.  It ended up taking an hour more than I had originally planned for, but all in all it was a success.  I decided since it was so nice out last night, why not make a fire!!

    Here are the butts before getting wrapped..............I put a can of sprite in with them  [​IMG]

    The bone just pulled right out!!  Always a welcomed sight

    And now a couple shots of my late night snack  

    What an incredible flavor profile in this sammie.  I got the perfect crunch and tangyness from the cole slaw, that wonderful pork flavor and a hint of sweet from the bbq sauce i made.  Thank you all for looking!!!
  18. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    That looks delicious, Smoke!  Persistence pays off!!

    Nicely done, sir...

  19. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Red, thank you very much!
  20. Hell I wish I had a couple of those late night snacks right about now..haha. Looks good amigo. :drool

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