Pork butt finishing too fast. What are some pointers on keeping it warm till serving.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by scrubbed03, May 14, 2016.

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    My daughter is having a dance recital today, so we invited family and friends to come watch (its her first, she's 3) and decided to do a little BBQ for everyone after the recital. I've done a few pork butts for pulled pork in the past and has always taken around 8-9 hrs.  I decided to try Jeff's recipe and it said 14 hrs. So I started it this morning at 4 am and low and behold its taking me around 8 hrs to finish (shoulda just gone with my gut and started later, but nothing worse than having to wait for food with guest hungry.)  Its sitting at 196 and dinner time was supposed to be around 5 pm tonight.  Whats the best way to keep it warm until dinner time?  Should I just foil it and put in insulated cooler and the shred it right before dinner?  Or would y'all shred it now and put in foil pan and then in cooler?  Or any other suggestions.  I'm still a noob and am not comfortable deviating from set times in recipes even though my smoker typically cooks fast.  thanks guys.  
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    Whole with Foil, Towels and Cooler. You will get 5 hours and still hot enough to pull eat...JJ
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  3. This might be to late, but what I do is fill my cooler with boiling water, let sit for at least 15 min. I use a small cooler for this, if your cooler is large a couple of kettle fulls is good.  Dump the water out, put the but wrapped in tin foil on the bottom.  If you have a probe thermo lay it on top of the meat, cover with towels to hold the heat.  Keep an eye on the temp, but it should be safe for a couple of hours.  If you don't have a probe, put an oven thermo with the meat.  Hope this helps.
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    Thanks guys. Put it in the cooler with several towels in it. I think I'll be alright.

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