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Discussion in 'Pork' started by uscguardsman, Aug 5, 2014.

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    So, I am about to smoke my first pork butt. I am originally from eastern NC and missing my pulled pork sandwiches, which was the biggest reason I got my smoker. I am still trying to learn how to smoke, so I am considering cheating a little as I get a feel for maintaining temps. I planned to smoke this to an internal temp of 165 degrees and then foil it to speed up the process until I get to the 200 range.

    My question, by doing this, am I really going to lose a lot of the taste that comes from the extra time on smoke and thicker bark? Just trying to avoid that stall and cut down the time.

    Here is what I got so far, prepped and resting in the fridge. Intended to start it in the morning, unless foiling it is a bad idea. If so, I will fire it up about midnight tonight. Thanks for the help!

    The sauce is the traditional eastern North Carolina, vinegar/hot.
  2. Well you will get a lot of different answers.  I for one DO NOT foil.  I love the bark and those little burnt pieces you get mixed into the pull.  If you foil your bark will be mushy.  How big is the Butt?  I am doing two 8 lb. butts tomorrow and wont be foiling so I plan on about a 12-14 hour smoke depending on how the meat wants to act. 

    Personally I think its worth letting it run its course and not foiling.  Your mileage will vary of course. 

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    If you are use to long Low and Slow Whole Hog...It will taste different if you foil. The smoke flavor will be milder and less Bark. The nice thing about a Butt is that you can have temp variations and not have a huge impact on the final product. If it has been awhile since you were home...Skip the Foil!...JJ
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    It was a 6.5 lbs bone-in butt, but I trimmed about 1.5 lbs of cap off. The more I think about this and read through the forum, I am thinking different about using foil. I do like that bark, and I don't want to ruin my first run at pulled pork. Going off a 2 hour per lbs rule, I should be able to start this about 6 am, with a little rest time before dinner tomorrow. Think I am cutting it too close for a 6pm dinner?
  5. By you giving yourself 2 hours a pound I think you are cutting it close.  At that calculation you need 13 hours to finish and then an hour to rest it.  Also though depends on what temp you will be smoking at.  I do 240-250 but some do 225.  Lower = longer.  

    I think you are making a good decision to go without foil......just get up early.....pop it in then catch a couple more hours of sleep before you really begin your day.

  6. Skip the foil. The bark will be worth it..

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    If smoking at 225-250, I plan on 2 hr/lb and a 2 hour CYA/Rest. I have had the pork get done early but have yet to have one hold up Dinner...JJ
  8. Get that thing in the SMOKER!!!   I wanna see some pics too [​IMG]
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    Alright.... Well I got overruled and the Mrs did not want the heavy bark. I am going to have to acclimate her to the beauty that it is, slowly apparently. But I did get it on smoke this morning, but when it got to an acceptable char for her, I wrapped it. At the end of the day, what's worse? Someone not liking your food or someone not eating it at all? So I foiled it and it actually turned out pretty good.

    Here is the butt after rest and pulled.

  10. [​IMG]  nothing wrong with that pull!!! 

    A happy wife is a happy life

  11. That looks great. Can I have a sammie? 

  12. I like using the foil to capture the juices from the last 4 hours.  The juices get mixed back in when it is being shredded.  I also dump in a quarter cup of my rub mixture to the shredded meat.  The last two 8 pounders I did, had their bark fully set by 8 hours in the charcoal/wood smoker before foiling.  They were insanely juicy and flavorful.
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    Very true, we just had some sandwiches and the ole lady digs it. Win!
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    Would be awesome if you could just print this sucker out! Not sure how you like them, but this is how I just had mine! Scrumptious!

    This forum is dangerous, I am getting all kinds of great ideas for smokes!
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    That is exactly how this worked out. I ended up taking those juices in the bottom of the foil, mixing in some of the rub and added my eastern North Carolina sauce.... Worked out very well.
  16. Im running out and getting a 3D printer so I can have one with ya!!!   I always serve mine with slaw on it....mmmmmm mmmmm good

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