pork brisket strips- what they were labeled as

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chris_harper, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. chris_harper

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    Last weekend, when we went grocery shopping, I was looking at the briskets, ribs, and such they keep in that part of the meat area. I always see these packages that are cryopacked in the end of the case, that are labeled "pork brisket strips". I decided to buy one just to see what they were. They were on for $1.12/lb. I bought a pack, and smoked them up yesterday. It is the pieces trimmed off of spares to make St. Louis style ribs. Three strips in the package. I rubbed them with Jeff's rib rub, and smoked them with Oak and Pecan. I also smoked some Eckrich skinless beef smoked sausage at the same time. I pulled the pork out after 5 hours, and it was done, and not overcooked. I thought it was pretty good. Didn't get any pics, as the wife ran down the batteries in the camera when she took Hunter to the park to play while I was tending the pit. For the price, I will do these again when I want to smoke something that is cheap and doesn't take a long time.
  2. bbq bubba

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    Sounds like rib tips Chris.....
  3. chris_harper

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    Here is a pic I got as I put them in the smoker. I took the thermo out right after this pic was taken.
  4. fritz

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    Chris, looks like rib tips to me also? Don't take to long but very tasty!! Oh, when they trim ribs St. Louis style they remove the brisket bone/sternum/rib tips...yum!
  5. peculiarmike

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    First time I've seen those, I'd like to come across some though! Price is right.
    Bet they smoke up fine.

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