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Discussion in 'Side Items' started by tasunkawitko, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. tasunkawitko

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    this isn't really a side dish, it's supper tonight!

    in honor of a good friend here, and also in honor of the book i've been reading the last week (poland, by james michener), i decided to attempt a soup-from-scratch based on a polish theme. i didn't have a recipe, so i just went and started with some basic ingredients common in a traditional polish kitchen.

    i had a meaty ham bone in the freezer and also a pound of kielbasa. i boiled the ham bone for a couple of hours and removed the meat; cut up the kielbasa and set some great northern beans to boil. for other prep work, we diced a pound of carrots, a large onion, four cloves of garlic, a healthy bunch of celery (including the heart and leaves, where the real flavor is!) and a small head of cabbage (which results in a LOT of chopped cabbage).

    after the ham had boiled for a while, i set about getting all the ham off the ham bone, i sauteed it with the chopped kielbasa in a large pan with a little olive oil while the beans continued to simmer in probably 12 cups of water that the ham bone had been boiling in. when these were browned, i added the carrots, onion, garlic and celery and sauteed these about 10 minutes, then added the cabbage and sauteed everything for another 5 or so minutes.

    added this (plus all the resulting juices to the beans and broth - also added marjoram, cracked black pepper and a couple of dashes of cavender's greek seasoning (since everything in there is what i would have added individually). just a little salt to taste and we had a good thing going here.

    after simmering maybe half an hour or so to make sure the beans and the vegetables are soft, it looks like it's about ready to eat. i tasted a bit of it and it is very, very good.

    not bad for somethng i made up in my head.

  2. werdwolf

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    Sounds good. I like when I have a bunch of different things and can pull off a meal. Hope yours turns out great.
  3. rivet

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    Tas~ yer killin' me! I love James Michener and never knew he wrote a book titled POLAND....wow. Gotta read it. Michener is the history-god.

    Of course with my mom being from Poznan, and now the book....................Jiminy!

    Hell, now I have to make the darn soup!

    Geez *grin* I thought I was off the hook by making the Hrudka. No chance.

    Crap. Do slovaks barbecue anything? LOL [​IMG]
  4. cajunsmoke13

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    Good choice of books...Michener is great, plus he's from PA...Soup sounds good also
  5. tasunkawitko

    tasunkawitko Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    i've liked every michener book i've read so far. the funny part is that even though they are basically fisction, they are so interwoven with history and fact that they could allmost have happened. i've read many of them aand fell that i've been enriched because of them. i highly recommend POLAND - especially for the segment that takes place during WW2 - unbelieveable the amount of human suffering that the poles as a nation have endured. kind of makes being put in a box with a bug seem like child's play, but then again i suppose that is getting a little political, now!

    anyway, the soup was VERY good. my wife is suffering from a bad cold and thought it a little bland (which is funny because usually everything i make is considered too spicy and/or salty!), but i found it to be just right. a good trip to poland, i would say!

    rivet - i'll have to see if i can come up with anyeastern-european BBQ of some kind - i am sure it exists, even if it is called another name. i know that as you go east and south toward romania, bulgaria etc., they do a lot of kebab-style cooking and also putting baby lams and goats on spits over open fires. good stuff! the FOODS OF THE WORLD sereies i was telling you about has some sections for this area of europe, and i do highly recommend them.

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