PLEASE, do no post multiple times with the same content

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    I'm seeing a lot of multiple posts with the same content. Some are in different forums and may cause some confusion to other members who are attempting to answer any question they may have when they see the same thread by the same member in another forum. It also causes some of the content of the answers to the same questions to become spread out and difficult to find for other members. This results in giving nearly the same answer as another member has already posted, especially if dealing with food safety issues or other "must do" methods or techniques.

    If you are new to forums, remember this: when you post a new thread, it will not show up on the "new posts" or specific "forum" page until you refresh your browser or click on the new threads or specific forum button once again. The pages on this forum do not automatically update...they would reload every few seconds if they did, and you would not be able to read the thread listings very easily as a result (lists would be changing with every update).

    So, please, post once with your new thread, or reply to a thread, then refresh your browser and you will see it on the updated page. If using tabbed browsing (more than one web page open at a time), this will be the most likely time for not seeing your new post...again, refresh the page and it will appear.

    If anyone needs advice or tips on posting, please, don't hesitate to ask...even if you've read the forum posts in the "new members forum"and elsewhere, not everything may be clear to you...not a problem, as we all have to start somewhere, and there are tons of folks here willing to help, myself included.

    Thank You, very, very much!

    Have a wonderful, smoke-filled day, with tons of great eats!

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    Thank You, Eric!
  3. I did that a few days ago when I received a confusing error message which implied my post did not go through (because of the post requirement for pictures).  Because the message stated that I did not have permissions to post, I was operating under the assumption that my post had failed to submit.  Clearer wording on this message might help to alleviate this issue.  Or perhaps I am misunderstanding the specific issue which you are describing?
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    This a very good point, and actually is a third reason for multiple posts that I had forgotten about until you brought it up. Thanks for sharing this!

    There is another thread running right now that pics didn't post on (First Pulled Pork Shoulder)...the pics may likely be inserted into the thread later on this evening. It's a forum safety precaution of sorts, to my understanding. It's not intended to deter members from posting pics, but to ensure a spammer or someone who otherwise wishes to cause discontent has to have their post with images reviewed prior to the images being loaded.

    So, that said, just be patient and the pics should be loaded in due time. When you have a higher post count on the forums, this issue should go away.

    Anything we can do to alleviate the multiple posts will be a great help, so if anyone else has had similar issues due to and error message that confused you, just wait it out for a bit and see what happens.

    Thanks again!

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    If you are under 20 posts and you post a picture or quote someone your post is automatically held for moderator review by the forum software - we will get to the post within a couple of hours and release it if there are no violations - We get a notification in our personal email and try to respond ASAP so please don't repost as we will have to delete or lock one of the posts 
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    One more thing:  If you post a long list of materials (as in the construction of something), it may get held for moderators because forum software may see this as spam.  It's just part of making sure that the site stays as free as possible from spammers or malicious attempts.
  7. Hey thanks guys for the info!
  8. Thank you, I understand that, now.  Now you just need to update your error message so people will know this before they repost the same thing multiple times.  This should be a relatively simple change in your board's admin console, though I am not familiar with your board software.  

    After putting in 30 - 40 minutes (or more) hammering out a post of reasonable length, and then being told by the system that they cannot post, users are going to take a second attempt at it (at least) before simply abandoning that effort.  Clearer error messaging on your end will effectively inform the end-user (at the error/enduser touchpoint) that their post has been taken into the moderation queue, and will set an expectation that action is forthcoming on your end.  The end user is then satisfied that their post has been submitted, and you don't get stuck deleting a ton of duplicate posts.

  9. I was a post aholic to get rid of the messages ..of which I never actually seen the post get posted but once .. I just would go through and comment on the other posts .. People have great recipes and ideas that are totally new to me .. so it isn't difficult .. You all rock .. [​IMG]
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    Actually the site is RUN by a company called Huddler and it is their software that makes the decisions and sends the messages. I will pass your concern on to the Admin team to share with Huddler. 
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  11. Good info to share....Thanks all!
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    to the top...
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    ...and one more time.
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    I think it was a glitch somewhere cuz i had a post that posted 4 times.
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    Where were the multiple posts at?
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  20. I had that happen a couple wees ago, in a thread started by Pops.


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