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  1. Recently I tried to make a Hawaiian sausage.

    Started with a Ham spice base and then added diced peppers, mozza cheese, and pineapple.

    First time I tried it I used pineapple from a can, second time I used freeze dried pineapple.

    I wanted to put them in a 18mm fibrous casing (pepperoni casing).

    I tried hog casing also.

    Here is the problem, the casing is dis-integrating, and if I can manage to get the casing to stay together the meat turns to mush.

    I am blaming it on the pineapple, because I have used peppers and mozza before with no problems.

    But I had some at a Farmers market once. Not sure how he did it.

    Am I getting a reaction between the pineapple and another ingredient?

    What do you think?

  2. beer-b-q

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    It is the acid in the pineapple, it is causing the same reaction as if you were leaving a piece of meat in a marinade with pineapple juice for too long, the meat gets mushy.

    I would assume that is the same problem with the casings.
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  3. justpassingthru

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    Hey Dan,

    Paul is correct, straight pineapple juice will dissolve teeth enamel, ...but it's great for marinading chicken. 

  4. I don't know a thing about sausage making (yet) but, what about using dried (dehydrated) pineapple? I would think the dried pineapple would rehydrate, from the juices of the sausage, when it is cooked.
  5. I did try freeze-dried pineapple. and it didn't work either. I wonder if it was artificial pineapple that he used.

    If there is such a thing.
  6. justpassingthru

    justpassingthru Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Maybe this would work, it's very potent, a little goes along ways, do you have anything like this?



    It's bottled in Singapore so you might find it in an Asian store, if not send me a PM and I'd be happy to send you some.

  7. skully

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    I got a guy out my way that does a curry/pineapple sausage?????  that people rave over, he uses natural hog casing without an issue, he puts that stuff out his door like its goin out of style....maybe i just didnt understand what it was you were asking....also, he uses canned pineapple in juice...peace
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  8. Really?

    That is interesting. I only tried a little bit in natural hog casing. I may have to revisit that.

    I just hate to ruin another batch, I have tried it twice and had to throw it out both times. Even the dog wouldn't eat it.

    But even if the casing hold together, I am concerned that the meat will still turn to mush.

    Does he freeze them right away?

    I tend to make quite a bit of sausage at a time and it might sit in the fridge for a day or two. that may be part of the problem.

    Freezing may stop the pineapple from decomposing the meat? Interesting....

    Talk to your guy and let me know please, Skully.

  9. Justpassingthru, thanks I may try that. we have several Asian food stores so I should be able to track some down.
  10. skully

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    Hey Canadianwild, I understand ruinin a batch sukks for sure, when I have been at his counter, it was always fresh, never seen frozen, he only stuffs on a particular day and Ive seen and heard it flys out the door and what ever is left the next????  He is a retailer so My involvment with him is minimal but we do know each other on a casual basis, I personally make and have the means to make My own products but if I hear of anything new like his pineapple/curry I do have to look, like to help more but what else can I say.....peace
  11. weisswurst

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    I am adding my two cents , not out of experience but curiousity.  I know that pineapples contain natural tenderizers. My wife says she can not make jello using fresh pineapples. it turns to mush or rather doesnt form at all.When she uses canned it is ok.This may sound absurd but here goes .... If it is true that the acidity of the fresh pineapple is what is causing , the problem what would happen if one were to add " Tums "  ( or any inexpensive antacid or even cooking lime.) , check the ph , and try a very small batch in a small loaf pan without stuffing it. All one would want to know is if the lowered Ph  concoction would still turn the meat to mush. They used to make a product called cooking lime . The very first time I tried to make Pickled Red Hots  , I added vinegar to the meat. It turned the meat into grainy mush. I can make a great Red Hot now but that was a disaster. I make olive loaf and if I do not drain and dry the olives well it has an effect on the meat. Happy sausage making Weisswurst

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