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Discussion in 'Canning' started by jlmacc, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    Wondering if you guys have a really good pickle recipe for canning.Also if you might have one for a refridgerator pickle too?I am getting all kinds of cubecumbers from my garden and I need start doing something with them,Thanks again guys!..Josh
  2. The last 3 years I have been using Mrs.Wages Quick Process Pickle mixes,They are a lot easier than most other recipes and I think they taste alot better.This year they started carrying Mrs.Wages at our local grocery store before that I ordered them online.

    My secret ingredient to make sure they are crisp is add a little calcium chloride to the jars when canning,they are always crisp.I have bought CC online from bulkfoods.com but just found some this week at Lowes,its called Ball Pickle Crisp Granules.

  3. jlmacc

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    Those look great smoke farmer!

    Thanks for the tip.I usually make my own recipe,but am not totally happy with it.I might try a pre mix like you stated.How well does the Ball Pickle Crisp Granules work?I too like a crisp pickle and have never been able to do it.Thanks for your help!!..Josh
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    I'm in the middle of making some pickled sausages !!   Never tried pickles. Mom and Dad made them for years and never really made anything that came out great and all too often they came out too salty or squishy.

    I wish you the best of luck [​IMG]  Keep us posted on how things go.
  5. The pickle crisp is the trick they come out nice and crisp every time.Make sure not to use to much of the PC I did by mistake last year and ruined all my pickles.Ball Suggest 1/8 tsp per pint and 1/4 tsp per Quart.
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    This is the recipe I use for my spicy pickles.  They stay pretty crisp.

    Place cucumbers (either whole or sliced) in jars.

    Add per jar:
    1 clove garlic
    2 heads dill (or 2 tsp dill seed)
    Dash of powdered alum (1/8 tsp)
    1 jalapeno (slit) (or more to taste)

    Boil 3 qts water, 1 qt white vinegar, 1 cup salt.
    Pour boiling mixture over cucumbers in jar.
    Seal with hot lids.
    Place in hot water bath until water begins to boil.

    Do not open jars for about 6 weeks.

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