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    A man was sitting in a bar having a drink when he noticed the most beautiful piano music playing. The man asked the bartender where the music was coming from. The bartender answered I have a little 12" man in this cabinet who plays the piano. In disbelief the man replied "Come on man, where is that music coming from?" The bartender opened the cabinet and sure enough there was a little man about 12" tall playing a tiny piano.
    The man couldnt believe what he was seeing. "Where did you find a 12" man to play that tiny little piano?" The bartender answered "Well I also have a genie in a bottle and that genie is where I got the little guy." So of course the man asked if he could make a wish to the genie and the bartender replied "That is fine by me but I must warn you... " just about that time the man cut him off and grabbed the bottle and rubbed it.
    When the genie came out he was a little foreign guy that told the guy in the bar, "you get one wish." The guy closed his eyes and said "I wish for a million bucks!'' All of the sudden a million ducks fly through the bar. The man looked at the bartender and said "what the h#ll was that, I wished for a million bucks not a million ducks" The bartender started laughing at the man and replied "Did you really think I wished for a 12" pianist?"

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