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  1. Hello all, Ive got the Perfect Flame from Lowes and have done a couple smokes with pretty good results. However, I have a few things I would like to change.

    First, I lose a lot of smoke and Im sure heat, through the door seal, is there a way to fix this? Ive seen posts where people have put their Perfect Flame in the garage by attaching a vent to the top of it, but if I did that I would still smoke myself out thru the door seal.

    Second, I use pellets and if I have to change them every 1/2 hour, it takes me a minute or two to open the door, lift the wood box lid, and change the foiled pellets. It then takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes for my smoker to regain its temperature. This fluctuation in temp, so often, cant be good for my smokes. Im wondering if it would be possible to somehow install a sliding wood box of some sort that I could slide out of the smoker, either on the side or thru the door to replace pellets, rather than open the whole door. Ideas?

    Im also thinking about getting a cast iron smoker pot from this site...
    Does anyone have any luck with this using a perfect flame?

  2. flagriller

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    Hello, you can get high temp gasget material at Lowes or HD and seal the door. As far as the pellets, I'd go to chips or the chunks and not use the pellets as the chips and chunks will last longer. Make sure to soak them first, and you could try covering with foil and oking some holes in the foil so the smoke can escape. You might also try getting a bigger container, perhaps using a half of a coffee can with a few holes in it. Remember, meat takes on the most smoke flavor in the first hour, and yes you can over smoke. The pot is for a grill and it's too small anyway.
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    here are some of my mods and i keep a steady temp............
    changed the chip pan into a heat sink, made a charcoal pan, and used a disposable foil pan for water.

    the stack gives me great airflow..........

    also this a thread for gasser mods...........

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