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    trying to come up with something different for an abt type recipe and just thought I would pass along this website I found about peppers. I'm sure there are better sites but I found it useful. When I finally decide on a recipe I'll try it and if we don't throw up or die the next day I will pass it along.
  2. hey crawdaddy try a datl pepper or a lemon pepper the lemon pepper is small looking bannna taste like lemon good for fish wit a bit[​IMG]
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    I guess here's as good a place as any to ask. What exactly does ABT stand for?

    Oh, nevermind, the little text pop up thing told me.
  4. crawdaddy datl peppers are good and lemon peppers looks like small bannna yellow in color packs a punch and as lemon taste. Its firey goodness. HOGS BREATH IS BETTER THAN NO BREATH AT ALL[​IMG]
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    Wow thats great!!! I love info like this. [​IMG]

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