Partial fail, but a plus in the end

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drewed, May 17, 2015.

  1. drewed

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    The wife wanted ribs. My little charbroil was to have its first smoke with ribs.
    Pan loaded with charcoal and water pan installed and beans going in too. Auber controller installed and rain gear installed.
    Had real trouble keeping the think up to temp. Ended use up changing to a different fire basket. Overall the charbroil not only sucked, but it also could barely hold three racks of ribs! I ended up putting them on my weber kettle for the final hour with sauce.
    They were pretty good, slightly over cooked, but edible. The misses was disappointed in how much work it was with the pos charbroil smoker. "You worked less hard when you cobble up the weber kettle into a smoker." She has approved ~400$ for a new smoker! I would like something that involves fire ( wood, charcoal, or pellets.) I want to be able to do pulled pork and ribs. I would also like to be able to do smoked beans, and they should be able to be placed under the meat. Other than that I'm open. Please suggest!
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  2. timtimmay

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    I haven't had a wsm personally, but I'd consider that on the top of my list. If you want to go offset without breaking the bank, the char griller smokin pro worked well for me for several years. I have a review and several mod threads for that unit if you look at my profile.
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    Ribs still look good, by the way.
  4. timtimmay

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    Agreed, they do look good. I feel your pain having to move them to a different cooker.

    If you don't finish them on the smoker, the terrorists win.

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