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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bbqchris, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    After much persisting my smoker conversion mission is finally a success. At first when the bbq repairman came over on Saturday morning, things looked abit glum as he couldn’t find a conversion attachment, we then debated over how much it would cost to get the gas connector chopped off at the end of hose and clamp a new local one on… it would be a lot more which I hand’t bargined for – but it must have jogged something in his memory as he sed I’ll be back in a sec and came back from his truck with a brass webber gas connector that he remember he had spare from an old webber bbq that had previously been converted – phew! What a relief. So as soon as he was gone (and after I paid $135 for the call out and part) I was off to the local bbq store to get a new 9kg gas bottle and a bag of hickory, another $90… so abit of an expensive wend along with the other stuff i got up to but im sure it will be worth it.

    All up it has costed me around $500 australian to get the vertical smoker up and running ($300 for shipping and buying the smoker from the states + $200 plus for conversion and accesories). The cheapest model locally was an off-set style texas smoker (round $700 I think)… very big and takes up a lot of space which I don’t have in my small apartment block yard, then there was also the BGE which I was leaning towards until I found out the price $1099 for a floor model – ouch. So all in all im pleased with how things have turned out, but I guess I should wait to comment properly until my first real smoke.

    Im at work at the moment, but when I get home I post pictures of the assembled smoker next to my current grill bbq.

    PS – I’ve seen the term ‘seasoning’ used abit around here. Does that just re-fer to your first initial smoke? Or is it some process you do before to your smoker your first smoke. I hope to smoke a brisket this weekend along with some atb's :)

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    yup Cris what Ken says about seasoning-you sure a persistant guy( I like that) I doubt your gonna regret the $ u put toward this hobby!I just hope your apt. manager don't mind you smokin all the time? Glad u joined us.
  3. and here i am next to my finished smoker. all happy n the like after giving it a quick test...... mmm that hickory smelt so good and filled the house.

    thanks for that desertlites, but i used the term apartment loosely - its like a a small unit village thing where im on the bottom level (only 3 levels) of ours (all up there is 4 small buildings) and i have a little courtyard garden area, so should be fine as ppl are always grilling on their balconey etc. But the other residents are going to have to walk straight thru the smoke smell as im right next complex entrance - hahaha... one way to meet new people i spose' - cheers
  4. desertlites

    desertlites Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    tis summer there Ken-hit 82 here today-misquite in bud, so no more frost-gotta love it.

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